Selena's Music Sees an Uptick on YouTube After Netflix Series Part 2 Premiere

Larry Busacca/Getty Images

Selena receives Grammy Award at The 36th Annual Grammy Awards on March 1, 1994 in New York.

Her catalog experienced a 70% spike on May 8 compared to prior average daily views in 2021.

After Netflix premiered part 2 of Selena: The Series on May 4, Selena Quintanilla's music saw an uptick in views on YouTube, according to the platform.

Specifically, the Grammy-winning artist's catalog experienced a 70% spike May 8 compared to prior average daily views in 2021. The series -- which documents Selena's extraordinary journey from playing small gigs with her family's band to becoming a chart-topping Latin icon -- had a similar effect on her music's chart activity.

Back in December, when part 1 of the series made its debut on Netflix, the Texas-born singer-songwriter scored her first entry on Billboard's Latin Pop Albums chart since 2016, thanks to the original series' soundtrack, which bowed at No. 8 on the tally (dated Dec. 19) and features classics such as "Baila Esta Cumbia," "La Carcacha" and "Como La Flor."

The resurgence of Selena's music both on YouTube and on the Billboard charts isn't an anomaly. Biopics inspired by the lives of Latin music icons are propelling their music back onto and up the charts.

"These stories are not only helping fans rediscover music from their favorite Latin musicians, but are also creating a whole new generation of fans that are hearing some of this music for the first time," says Francisco Ramos, vice president content Latin America at Netflix. "It confirms that great music is timeless and binds generations together!"

When it comes to Selena specifically, "she transcends cultures, ages and borders and it is amazing that new generations of fans are getting to know her and her music," adds Ramos.