How Wisin, Jhay Cortez & Los Legendarios Brought 'Fiel' to Life

Wisin, Jhay Cortez, Los Legendarios "Fiel"
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Wisin, Jhay Cortez, Los Legendarios "Fiel"

On TikTok, people of all ages and from all parts of the world are swaying their hips and waving their hands to Wisin and Jhay Cortez’s “Fiel,” a catchy reggaeton track about having a crush on an independent woman.

The song, released Feb. 4 under La Base Music Group, has amassed over 2 million video creations, fueling the song’s success on the charts. In addition to hitting the top 10 on the Billboard Global Excl. U.S. chart, the song peaked at No. 6 on the Hot Latin Songs chart dated May 6.

“It’s refreshing and one of my favorite songs on the album because it captivates your ear,” Wisin previously told Billboard. “The way Jhay interpreted the song also called my attention because it shows me that he’s a versatile artist who can enter different worlds.”

It was the infectious aura of "Fiel" that made it the focus single from Los Legendarios Vol. 1, the joint album from Wisin and longtime producers Los Legendarios (Marcos Ramírez and Raphael Torres)And it was its viral success that ignited a “very good” remix that’s “just around the corner,” Billboard can confirm.

Below, read our Q&A with Latin hitmakers Los Legendarios and Puerto Rican artist Jhay Cortez to talk about the making of “Fiel.”

“Fiel” has become a hit on social media and the charts. How was this collaboration born?

LOS LEGENDARIOS: Jhay was one of the first artists that said he was available to work. He brought us the concept of this amazing song, he wrote it. Together with Wisin, we identified it as a hit. The song was born organically and these are the results. It’s more than we could have imagined.

JHAY CORTEZ: I’ve collaborated with Wisin before. We’ve always had a great relationship. He invited me to form part of the album and wanted me to work on a special song that many people would like. I went to the studio, thought of the melody, the lyrics, sent it to Wisin, he liked it, and the rest is history.

When we spoke to Wisin for the album release, he said this was his favorite song because of your unique voice and flow. What connection did you feel working with him and Los Legendarios?

JHAY CORTEZ: Los Legendarios are amazing guys and producers, and with Wisin, I have a special connection. I’ve been his fan since I was very young, and for me to collaborate with him is a dream come true. I feel that he really understands the industry and the new generation of artists who like me want to do new things in the genre. There are many artists that don’t let themselves be guided by the new generation, and Wisin confides in us.

There are over 2 million TikTok videos with this song. When was the first time you realized that “Fiel” had gone viral?

JHAY CORTEZ: When I began seeing 500 TikTok videos per day! Also when I received good feedback from fans and even rapper colleagues of mine who sing about "malianteo."

LOS LEGENDARIOS: We agree. When we would see the TikTok videos. It was like a snowball -- every day it kept growing. It wasn’t normal.

Jhay’s phrase about “being good-looking without going to the gym” is what really blew up. Was the dance part of a strategy or did it happen organically?

LOS LEGENDARIOS: Everyone talked about Jhay’s verse. It happened organically. Somebody, can’t remember who right now, did the dance and it began to trend. Of course, these types of challenges form part of a strategic plan but that wasn’t the case here. The people made it viral.

How does it feel knowing that this song, which was born and went viral organically, entered the Billboard charts?

JHAY CORTEZ: It’s an honor and I’m happy with the work. These are the most valued awards. When I released “No Me Conoce,” people thought I would never make another hit that big, and this song, just like “Dakiti” with Bad Bunny, is my reward. It’s a blessing.

LOS LEGENDARIOS: We always feel happy and grateful because we work hard. It feels good to know that people like what we do and that we can continue entertaining them. It makes us feel prideful and it’s a sign that we’re doing a good job.

With so many timeless and classic reggaeton hits, what mark do you think “Fiel” will leave in Latin music?

LOS LEGENDARIOS: It’s part of a generation. Today, there are many good songs but they don't become immortal. We are at a time in music when the fans demand more and more tracks. We don’t think it should be that way. We are giving “Fiel” space for that reason… because we want it to become a classic.