Latin Remix of the Week: Pedro Capo, Nicki Nicole & De La Ghetto Talk Sensual Collab 'Tu Fanatico'

Pedro Capo, Nicki Nicole, De La Ghetto
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Pedro Capo, Nicki Nicole, De La Ghetto

Pedro Capó is ready for the next step in his career, but not without wrapping up the cycle of his 2020 album Munay, which includes his single “Tu Fanatico.”

“I always saw it as one of the most avant-garde songs on the album, more progressive with a different sound,” Capo told Billboard during an Instagram Live interview. “It talks about love on the obsessive, erotic side with a little bit of darkness. This is also the sound that I am exploring at this moment in my career.”

To bid farewell to his set, which debuted at No. 6 on Billboard's Latin Pop Albums chart, Capó reeled in Nicki Nicole and De La Ghetto for a sultry R&B remix.

“It occurred to me to have a girl that can add that feminine energy in the song and a colleague who would add fire,” he says. “It was always clear to me that Nicki and De La Ghetto were it. I sent them the song immediately and I’m grateful that they connected with the song.”

It was at the video shoot, helmed by director Daniel Eguren, that both Puerto Rican artists met Nicki for the first time.

"I didn't have much time to talk or hang out with them, everything happened so fast," the Argentine trap star admits. "But something that I learned from them was their energy and how they see music. They are constantly talking about their culture and I was constantly paying attention because I like to learn about their movement. Being there with Pedro and De La Ghetto was incredible for me."

Courtesy Photo
Pedro Capo, Nicki Nicole, De La Ghetto

The sensuality of all three artists shines in the music video, showing a shirtless Capó engaging in a fiery lyrical dance, Nicki in a tight-fitted dress on top of a car, and De La all roped up by his lady interest.

"The vibe of the song is incredible because you are guided through each of our voices and our colors," De La Ghetto adds. "And the video is a whole movie out of Netflix! I remember that Nicki filmed her part and jumped on a plane right after. That means a lot to us," he notes.

"They are two of the most versatile artists in the industry right now. They sing, they rap, they have attitude, and a strong presence," Capó assures. "They both have that 'it' factor that you can't deny, and that's what the song was missing."

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