9 of Bronco's Iconic Albums Now Available in the US: 'We Want to Conquer New Fans'

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After a more than 40-year career, Grupo Bronco continue to reel in a new generation of fans with the announcement that nine of their albums are finally available in the U.S. as of Friday (April 9).

For the first time, fans in the U.S. can stream the following sets: A Todo Galope, Bronco Amigo, Animal, Homenaje A Los Grandes Grupos, La Última Huella, Por El Mundo, Pura Sangre, Rompiendo Barreras and Salvaje Y Tierno.

Until 2017, and not including the newly added catalog, Bronco sold 2.6 million albums and accrued 1.6 billion total streams in the U.S. In total, they amassed approximately 16 million global sales.

“Our plan is to conquer the new generations and that they discover the beautiful music that their parents and grandparents fell in love with,” vocalist Jose Adan Esparza tells Billboard exclusively.

“Despite our solid fanbase, we continue working as if it’s always Bronco’s first time,” founding vocalist Jose Guadalupe “Don Lupe” Esparza adds.

Hailing from Apodaca, Nuevo León, Mexico, Bronco has made people of all ages dance to their timeless hits, such as “Sergio El Bailador” and “Que No Quede Huella.” The Mexican group, founded by “Don Lupe” in 1979, is known for its authentic cumbia, ballads and bolero sounds fused with modern melodies. The new generation of Bronco, where Lupe is joined by his sons, Jose Adan and Rene, has been making the rounds for almost a decade.

In a new Q&A, Lupe and José open up about their nine albums added to the U.S. digital platforms and what this means for the group.

These are some very emblematic titles in Bronco’s career. Salvaje y Tierno and Por El Mundo, for example, are hitting their 30-year anniversary. What does this news represent for the group?

José: We are adapting to the digital era, we can’t stay behind. We are obligated to continue creating fresh music and content for our fans. These are nine of Bronco’s most successful albums, from 1989 to 1997, and now our U.S. fans will have easy access to them.

Lupe: They were only available in Mexico before and it’s a great pride for me and my bandmates. These specific nine albums are in a way the backbone of Bronco's career, some of our best-selling titles.

With this great celebration, you're releasing the focus track “Adoro” from your 1992 album Por El Mundo. Out of all the songs, why is this one a standout?

Lupe: It means a lot because of the owner of this song, Don Armando Manzanero, may he rest in peace. Having the honor to record this song and to be able to perform it with him was enough for us to make this decision.

Out of these nine albums, which would, you agree best represents Bronco and which can you recommend for the new generation of listeners?

Lupe: I would say Bronco Amigo or A Todo Galope. These are two of the most popular ones that I feel can captivate all generations. A lot of people already know our story, but these albums will surely give them an idea of our trajectory.

On that note, how do you feel you are staying relevant without having to sacrifice your signature sound for more than four decades?

Lupe: Not losing our essence and identity is important and the first thing we have to take care of. But at the same time, we’re aware that the times have changed. We’re not in the '80s or '90s anymore and we need to reinvent ourselves carefully. With the group’s new generation, Bronco is innovative. To start, my voice is present but our music has to sound different, updated and modern.

José: We’ve realized that Bronco is worthy of admiration regarding its style and its essence. The group in itself has seen so many musical trends pass by and they’ve always defended their essence and that’s why it's still standing. Not just any group dares to do different things and defend them. I think that says a lot about Bronco’s legacy.

Besides this wonderful news, what else does Bronco have slated for 2021?

José: It’s definitely a year of recovery, of getting closer to our fans. We are going to start our U.S. tour in Texas called “Bienvenido La Vida'' to welcome that life that returns to us. The purpose of this tour, which kicks off April 16 in Dallas, is to not only bring our music to our fans, but to help them forget about the bad times and create new memories.

Courtesy of Universal Music Latin