First Stream Latin: New Music From Ozuna & Ovi, Girl Ultra, Dalex & More

Ozuna, Ovi
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OZUNA x OVI, "Envidioso"

First Stream Latin is a compilation of the best new Latin songs, albums and videos recommended by the Billboard Latin editors. Check out this week's picks below.

Khea x Duki, “Wacha” (Young Flex/Interscope Records)

Khea, one of Billboard’s Latin Artists to Watch in 2021, teamed up with popular Argentine artist Duki for “Wacha," a track that really spotlights the colorful trap scene in Argentina. It kicks off with a romantic piano ballad. Khea is telling his “wacha” that she drives him crazy. Then, 48 seconds in, the beat transitions to a catchy cumbia, really setting the tone for the rest of the song -- inspired by “cachengue” (Argentine slang for parties). In an innovative rollercoaster of melodies, Khea and Duki sing over cumbia, then trap, and even reggaeton. In the music video, directed by Facundo Ballve of Anestesia Audiovisual, the trap stars bring the “cachengue” to life, joined by a wave of famous Argentines including pop-urban songstress Emilia Mernes. -- JESSICA ROIZ

Ozuna x Ovi, "Envidioso" (Aura Music/Sony Music Latin)

Puerto Rican star Ozuna teams up with up-and-coming Cuban corridos tumbados artist Ovi for a hard-hitting trap/reggaeton track titled "Envidioso," which marks their first-ever collaboration. The song finds the pair singing about working hard to get to where they are now. But climbing the ladder comes with envidiosos, or jealousy. "The jealous one wants to see me do bad ... they're upset because I was able to progress," they rap. About the collab, Ozuna told Apple Music, "Ovi is a good guy, he's a humble guy. He told me he wanted to do something with me and I thought if this can help his career go up, why not?" -- GRISELDA FLORES

El Fantasma, "El Rey del mundo" (AfinArte Music)

El Fantasma shares songwriting credits with Calibre 50’s Edén Muñoz in “El rey del mundo (The King of the World),” an “I’m freakin awesome” track set to a banda accompaniment. “El Rey del mundo” evokes the classic ranchera “El Rey” in its intro, then veers into banda territory but with a similar message: “I don’t pretend to be more than I am; knowing that I am, the king of the world.” It’s over the top, but it’s fun, and El Fantasma’s vocals soar over the heavy banda accompaniment with aplomb and power. --- LEILA COBO

Bad Milk, Beéle & Ovy on the Drums, “Angelito” (Warner Music Latina/King Ovy)

Ovy on the Drums has reeled in promising newcomers Bad Milk and Beéle for “Angelito,” a sultry fusion between dancehall and soca that he also produced. Showcasing fresh talent from Colombia, Beéle, who gained international success with his 2019 hit “Loco,” kicks off the track with his deep vocals. Bad Milk, who got on our radar with her soulful “Ego,” then adds her dulcet voice. Throughout the song, both acts beautifully lace their harmonies, singing about finally finding the love of their life, their angel. On this track, artist-producer Ovy does not sing, but his talent shines in the melodies, incorporating live instruments such as the cajón, violin and ukulele, for a more intense vibe. Directed by Razzy, the music video features a performance by all three artists, joined by two musicians, in a bohemian setting. -- J.R. 

Girl Ultra, "rosas" (Finesse Records)

Hailing from Mexico City, Girl Ultra deftly fuses bolero with '90s-inspired R&B in her bold new track "rosas," which is powered by an electric guitar and percussive influences. "Roses on the table that don't tell you anything. I am dripping in honey and you give me your back," Girl Ultra sings nostalgically. The track premiered alongside a music video directed by We Own the City ("La Noche de Anoche"). "This video was a very special collaborative effort that never felt like work," director Cole Santiago said in a statement. "Girl Ultra and I wanted to create a visual that began with soft romantic images and ended in fire. Mixing long breathy takes with abrupt moments much like the song." -- G.F.

Dalex, “Feeling” (Rich Music)

Dalex continues to bless fans with “musica refrescante.” This time, the Puerto Rican artist has poured his heart and soul into his new single “Feeling,” produced by Dimelo Flow, Slow Mike and BK. In true Dalex fashion, the beat is an infectious Latin R&B track meshed with slow-tempo reggaeton. In a back-and-forth about who ruined the relationship, he sings: “She always wanted me to change my attitude/ You would fight for the most minimal thing/ I didn’t need to change/ I needed to change you/ If another girl comes, it’s your fault.” The music video, at the helm of Wildhouse Pictures’ AAA, shows Dalex hanging out with his motocross buddies but also feeling stressed because of his troubled relationship. “Feeling” marks the first single from Dalex’s forthcoming studio album. -- J.R.

Victoria La Mala, Chris Perez, Joe Ojeda & Yorch, "Nuestra Tierra" (Roc Nation)

"Nuestra Tiera (Our Land)" is a new anthem for immigrants in the United States. Regional Mexican artist Victoria La Mala teams up with Chris Perez, Joe Ojeda and Yorch for a corrido that will tug at your heartstrings as it narrates the immigrant experience: leaving home and crossing the border in hopes of achieving the so-called American Dream. "Everything that I have, I have earned. My job has cost me, but oh how I’ve worked hard for the American dream. I am the Mexican dream, even if I am on the other side I represent my people," Victoria La Mala sings. About "Nuestra Tierra," Victoria La Mala said: "I love this song because it truly reflects the times that we’re living in as immigrants in this country. We come here looking for a better life but we sacrifice & leave so much behind." The track also marks the first time Perez and Ojeda have released music together outside Los Dinos. The nostalgic song was recorded at Produce Sound Studios in Corpus Christi. -- G.F.

Georgel, Immasoul & Ferraz, "Desilusionándome" (The Sixth House/EMPIRE)

Georgel, Immasoul and Ferraz give us '90s vibes with their latest collaboration "Desilusionándome," a soulful R&B track paired with hypnotic, groovy beats about falling out of love. "Disappointment has often been a door to darkness for me," Georgel said. "Disappointment is the transition to many sad things I've lived but it has also allowed me to grow." The track is the first single from Georgel's forthcoming EP Oscuro, which will drop later this year. -- G.F.

Feid, "Purrito Apa" (Universal Music Latin)

Colombian hitmaker Feid released his latest single "Purrito Apa," a hard-knocking reggaeton bop about freeing yourself from toxic relationships. The track was penned by Feid and produced by ICON (Rolo and Jowan) and Sky Rompiendo. It was released alongside a conceptual music video, directed by Gian Rivera, packed with symbolism that is based around the thematic line of freedom. -- G.F.

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