New Live Music Platform ¡LatinUp! Offers 'Cutting-Edge' & 'Innovative' Content For Latinos: Exclusive

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¡LatinUp! is a free streaming channel created by Cardenas Marketing Network (CMN), Amazon Music LAT!N, and Twitch.

Cardenas Marketing Network (CMN), Amazon Music LAT!N, and Twitch have teamed up for the launch of the new content platform ¡LatinUp!, Billboard can exclusively announce today (April 1).

The free streaming channel, which is marketed as a “premier live music destination to elevate Latin music, culture, and voices,” will offer music fans bilingual content including interviews and live performances of genres such as urban, pop, regional Mexican, and more, exclusively via Twitch.

“What sets ¡LatinUp! apart is the cutting-edge and innovative real-time engagement opportunities on the Twitch platform between artists and fans globally,” Erik Bankston, head of branded entertainment, CMN, tells Billboard. “With this program, and the help of our partners at Twitch and Amazon Music Latin, we look forward to elevating not only Latin music but also the voices that make up our cultural diversity.”

Bankston says !LatinUp” will provide an opportunity for artists to be discovered, build a community, and truly engage with their fans on a global level, which is why newcomers such as Chesca, Coastcity, XAXO, and Thyago, amongst others, will participate.

“We are not stopping there,” he adds. “We will be also featuring headlining talent in our live concert streaming programs we have once a month inclusive to a 6-hour virtual music festival in partnership with Amazon Music LAT!N. We kick off our first free live stream concert in April with the mega talent Sech!”

As for how CMN will profit?

Bankston explains that Twitch not only invested in CMN as a partner, but is “also aggressively pursuing relevant brand partnerships” with the likes of Amazon Music LAT!N.

“To be honest, we humbly walk into this opportunity with solely a passion for the craft and desire to support what drives our industry, the artists/musicians, producers, etc. More importantly, entertaining fans. We will do our part to truly deliver best-in-class Latin music programming and allow the fans the opportunity to play a role in elevating culture. Together we will ¡LatinUp!” Bankston concludes.

¡LatinUp! kicks off with its live showcase “¡LatinUp! NXT live” featuring up-and-coming artist Thyago at 8 p.m. ET on April 1st on Twitch.

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