Obzesion Break Down Their Viral Hit 'Mi Trokita': 'It Just Snowballed'

David Salazar


A few days before their show at the Rodeo Disco in Houston on Oct. 9, Obzesión's lead singer Juan Antonio Hernández felt they needed a new song to add to their repertoire, which mostly includes romantic Tejano norteñas and cumbias.

"I decided to write a last-minute song before the show we had coming up," Hernández, who is also the Tejano group's songwriter and bajo sexto player, tells Billboard. "I wanted to write something happier that just made people dance since we had been going through a lot. I wanted the ambiance to feel lighter, and it worked."

The last-minute song was an uptempo cumbia titled "Mi Trokita," inspired by Texas' truck scene, that has gone viral thanks to its cheeky and catchy lyrics about a flashy old truck and its popularity on TikTok, where artists such as Becky G and La Original Banda El Limón have given their best shot at the song's choreography, which includes a few easy, cumbia steps.

"People loved it so much at the concert that it made the song go a little viral and they made other people love it and then others, so it just snowballed," he adds. "When it started picking up, the original video had half a million views in December and we celebrated hitting 1 million by releasing an official music video in January." The new video has now raked in more than 23 million views on YouTube.

On the Billboard charts, the track currently sits at No. 5 on the Regional Mexican Airplay chart and at No. 19 on Hot Latin Songs (dated March 27). "I was just happy to see the song on the charts," Hernández says. "I didn’t really know what to think of it. In our genre, we haven’t seen a lot of artists make it to those numbers or even chart. It was shocking but I was happy. And it’s now a lot of pressure to stay there and keep the momentum going."

"Mi Trokita" also scored the group – which formed in 2006 and is composed of Hernández and his brothers Héctor (bass) and Miguel (accordion and backing vocals), his cousin Carlos Díaz (percussion) and Jessie Chico (drums) – a licensing deal with Sony Music Latin.

"'Mi Trokita' kept showing up on my Tik Tok feed and it was extremely addicting and exciting," says Manuel Prado, Sony Latin's head of operations, West Coast. "Obzesión truly represents the authentic and new Texas sound [and] the song is an undeniable hit."

Below, Billboard breaks down "Mi Trokita" with Hernández:

The Inspiration: "The truck scene in Texas isn't anything new. It's been around for a while and it’s like a border thing. People get their old trucks and fix them up instead of buying expensive cars. They spend all their money in customizing it; they paint them in different colors, make them different heights just to be unique."

The Music Video: "I did a call-out to my friends in the truck scene here in Houston because they already know me, I’ve been around them pretty much all my life. Everyone did me some favors and brought their trucks out. It was crazy and way too many people. We recorded it at a parking lot outside of my friend's shop. I asked him if it was available to do a small video in his parking lot. I wasn’t expecting it to get that big. It was just supposed to be a couple of trucks. I also invited some influencers from Texas who told me they already had a choreography to the song. So they performed the choreography there and that’s when the dance went viral on TikTok."

TikTok Dance: "At the beginning, there were a couple of videos with different choreographies. It went from being videos of people in their customized trucks because the song is about a truck and after that it went to a video of people doing different dances. The one that caught on was the one that the Heavy Weight Musik guys danced during the music video. They're pretty well known in the area. They dance at the Rockets games."

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