Camilo’s 'Mis Manos' Album: Essential Tracks (Editors’ Picks)

Cristian Saumeth


Just 11 months after his Grammy-nominated Por Primera Vez, Camilo dropped his sophomore set Mis Manos today (March 5) via Hecho a Mano and Sony Music Latin.

Home to 11 tracks, including the previously-released “Vida de Rico,” “Bebé” with El Alfa, and “Ropa Cara,” the album was born during the global pandemic, while in lockdown with his wife, actress-singer Evaluna Montaner.

“The most beautiful things come out of the most complex moments,” Camilo tells Billboard. “Frustration invokes a lot more creativity.”

A modern-day troubadour whose rhythmic pop fusions are the canvas for his sincere lyrics, Camilo says Mis Manos is “an exploration of all sides of my identity.”

Unlike Por Primera Vez, Camilo experiments with new rhythms such as bachata, calypso, cumbia, and even perreo.

“My creative ambitions are born from my thirst to share what I have within,” he says. “We’re talking about 'Mis Manos' right now, but I’m already writing my next album — and I have the following one in my head.”

Below, Billboard editors highlight six essential tracks.


Camilo has a knack for infectious beats and penning lyrics that are relatable. “Millones” is no exception. The rhythmic pop track opens the Colombian singer-songwriter’s sophomore album Mis Manos, which finds him wondering why his partner has chosen him when there are millions of others. “Why me when you have so many options?” he asks. “Tell me why me, if it makes no sense, but I like that when you talk about your future, I’m included.”


Camilo is far from predictable in Mis Manos. Tapping into bachata, norteña, and cumbia, the Colombiano also lands on calypso with “Kesi,” an ultra tropical, Caribbean tune that finds a sprung Camilo urging his crush to finally say “kesi,” or "yes"! The chilled-back “Kesi” falls under the “Vida de Rico” category. They are tracks that are meant to be enjoyed without having to overthink the meaning behind the lyrics, which tend to be raw and honest. “I like you the way you are, with that natural flow,” Camilo confesses in the chorus. “If you tell me right now that you want me by your side, that would be beautiful.”

“Manos de Tijeras”

A fantasy romance, similar to the classic '90s flick Edward Scissorhands, “Manos de Tijeras” is an emotional ballad about a man who’s owning up to his mistakes and imperfections. He’s heartbroken, he’s nostalgic, he’s still in love. “And if I could do something different / I would have done everything differently / You and I had a purpose,” he sings. Bringing the lyrics to life is a somber piano melody, marking Camilo’s only ballad on the album.


Camilo could have easily set the tone for Mis Manos on “Mareado.” More than being a song about being dizzy in love, it’s a playful experimental bop, fusing ranchera, urban, and even carnival sounds beneath flirty lyrics: “No one has given me a night like this / It smells like you everywhere / That’s why I’m dizzy / I feel drunk / But I’m not even drinking." Closing off with mariachi, “Mareado” then transitions to the innovative pop-norteño “Tuyo y Mio” with Los Dos Carnales.

“Tuyo y Mio” ft. Los Dos Carnales

“Tuyo Y Mío” is a testament to Camilo’s chameleonic artistry. The first-ever collaboration between the Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter and chart-topping norteño duo Los Dos Carnales was born out of mutual admiration and Camilo’s curiosity sparked by the bajo quinto. The end result is a norteña love anthem powered by an accordion, a bajo quinto, and a tololoche. As ever, Camilo’s pure and poetic lyrics take center stage in “Tuyo Y Mío (Mine and Yours).” “They say that behind every man there’s a great woman. But I don’t agree because you were always ahead,” he insists.

“Machu Picchu” ft. Evaluna

The sultry slow-tempo urban pop track tells the story of two people who have crazy chemistry. “Tell me what you saw in me when you saw me, be honest / Tell me what goes through your head when you think of me/ I know I’m crazy, but you’re crazier for noticing me,” he sings. The music video, co-directed by Evaluna and Santiago Achaga, shows the couple in an intimate bohemian setting. “Machu Picchu” marks Camilo and Evaluna’s second collaboration, following “Por Primera Vez.”

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