Tainy, Becky G & Trevor Daniel Talk 'Spongebob' Track 'F Is For Friends': 'This Song Represents Something'

Spongebob's "F.U.N Song" gets a new twist thanks to hitmaker Tainy who teamed up with Becky G and Trevor Daniel for "F is for Friends."

The heartwarming track, which dropped today (March 5), appears on the official Spongebob Movie: Sponge On The Run album – entirely produced by NEON16 and Interscope records – and follows the summer banger "Agua" featuring J Balvin and Tainy and "Krabby Step" with Tyga, Swae Lee and Lil Mosey.

"The 'F.U.N Song' is super iconic so we wanted to bring something that had the same energy and that felt authentic at the same," Tainy tells Billboard. "I sat down with Daramola, who is an amazing producer that also works for me in Neon 16, and we tried to create the vibe and bring a bit more of his element which is a bit more Afro beat but at the same time more pop-ish that eventually someone as amazing as Becky could come in and just like kill that chorus."

For Becky G, it was a no brainer. "I mean yeah, it’s Spongebob, how are you going to say no," she explains. "It’s one of my favorite Spongebob songs ever and obviously the twist on it and being something that’s not cartoony or cheesy but this song actually represents something."

The track was then sent to Daniel who immediately jumped on the opportunity to collaborate with Tainy and Becky G. "As soon as I heard it, I thought, ‘yo this is super tight’ because you know one, the 'F.U.N Song' is just legendary," he says. "And then, so, I wasn’t going to pass it up and then for them to both be working on it I was just like alright this is a home run so I gotta do it."

The album and movie both premiere March 5. Spongebob Movie: Sponge On The Run will debut digitally in the U.S. on premium video on demand and on Paramount+.

Above, watch our exclusive interview with Tainy, Becky G and Trevor Daniel who talk all things "F Is for Friends" and which Spongebob Squarepants character they identify with.