CNCO Break Down 6 Essential Tracks on New Covers Album 'Deja Vu'

Courtesy Elastic People


CNCO are serving up nostalgia with their new covers album Deja Vu, on which they include reimagined versions of Latin classics such as Ricardo Montaner's "Tan Enamorados," Chayanne's "Dejaría Todo," Sin Bandera's "Entra En Mi Vida" and Big Boy's "Mis Ojos Lloran Por Ti."

After each pitching their personal favorites, the band ended up with more than 25 songs to choose from. Out of those, only 13 would make the cut.

"At the beginning of quarantine, we took some time off since we had been traveling a lot these past few years," the band says. "We were able to reconnect with our families and reflect on all we've achieved and look back at the music that inspired us to get where we are. We decided to have fun and bring back these classics, with the CNCO touch."

During the recording sessions, they received video messages from some of the songs' original singers, including Montaner, Cristian Castro, Ricky Martin and Noel Schrajis. "When we'd see their messages, it felt good because in a way they approved of our recording and gave us their blessing. It’s a gratifying feeling to know that they’re happy with our style and the way we did their song," Richard tells Billboard.

The most challenging song to record: "La Quiero A Morir."

"We recorded that song like three times," Zabdiel says. "I think mainly because we always wanted the essence of the melody to remain and since this is a salsa song and we wanted to make it urban, it was challenging. But it turned out pretty good, we're happy with it."

Below, CNCO -- Christopher, Erick, Joel, Richard and Zabdiel -- break down six tracks on their tribute album Deja Vu, which drops Feb. 5.

Christopher: "Entra En Mi Vida"

"This song is very special because I met a friend in school who played the guitar and so we teamed up to sing together. Since it was two of us, we followed and looked up to Sin Bandera since they were a duo. We did a cover of 'Entra En Mi Vida' so for it to be included in this album, that's pretty special. Sin Bandera inspired me to get to where [I am], so it's a full-circle moment. It's also just a beautiful song."

Erick: "Dejaría Todo"

"It's hard to pick one because I grew up with all of these songs and they're all special. These songs were the soundtrack to my childhood. But if I have to pick one, I'll choose 'Dejaría Todo.' When I was growing up in Cuba, I remember I didn't understand the lyrics to this song but I did love the melody. That I understood. And when I heard the melody on this song by Chayanne, I was like, 'Wow, this is beautiful.' I'd always learn the melody first and then the lyrics. This song takes me back to being home, and my mom used to have this music system and she'd blast this song while cleaning the house. I remember she had this CD that had a mix of songs from different artists. This one was on there and so were many other songs that I get to sing on Deja Vu. It's crazy and beautiful at the same time."

Joel: "Hero"

"Like Erick said, when I was little I'd also listen to all these songs but I remember when I was like 10 or 11 years old, I listened to 'Hero' and I loved it. I grew up more listening to music in English so that one for sure, when I was recording it in the studio, gave me like a throwback vibe. We recorded it and loved the way it came out and everyone also loves it now."

Richard: "Un Beso" & "Amor Narcótico"

"I can't just choose one because 'Un Beso' and 'Amor Narcótico' are my favorite. I was raised in the Dominican Republic and those songs were always played everywhere growing up. My family would also play those songs and they bring up memories of when I was younger. I think of my mom listening to it while cleaning the house and she'd be dancing to them. Or my grandfather would dance to these songs with my grandmother. I also felt such a special connection to the lyrics when we recorded them because I didn’t pay attention to them before. They're so poetic. It’s as if they were just writing poems and then they just added a melody over it. We don’t see that nowadays, it felt very fresh singing these two songs."

Zabdiel: "Imagíname Sin Ti"

"I had heard this song before but honestly I hadn't paid attention to the lyrics. But when we started recording it I obviously had to learn it and when I finally understood the lyrics, I felt a very special connection. The lyrics are so cool. After hearing the end result, it became one of my favorites on the album."