Shakira Talks Inspiration for 'Girl Like Me' Video: 'From the Beginning, Jane Fonda'

If you’re as obsessed with Shakira and the Black Eyed Peas’ new “Girl Like Me” video as we are, you’ve no doubt tried to capture the moves and discern the influences behind them and that red-and-black outfit.

So we asked Shakira herself -- and yes, we were on point about the '80s inspiration.

“The song already has that vintage quality to it, so I wanted a video that had the retro futuristic vibe. From the beginning I thought: Jane Fonda. Those '80s workout videos had a really cool aesthetic I wanted to import into this video,” Shakira told Billboard, speaking from Barcelona.

But in addition to that workout, there’s Shakira skateboarding.

Except it’s not skateboarding, but surf skating, “which is a fairly new thing that I’m totally passionate about and something I do a couple of times a week,” she says. Shakira has done moves on wheels in videos before; in “Loca,” she rollerskates.

Here, “some of the takes in this video were at 3, 4 in the morning and I was skating for like two hours so they could capture the best shots. I skated and skated and skated, until I didn’t feel my joints.”

Watch Shakira’s full comments above.