Mexican Hip-Hop Duo Akwid Teams Up With Santi Mostaffa For 'Whoa!'

Sergio Gomez for Akwid Entertainment


Mexican hip-hop duo Akwid, known for pioneering the banda-infused hip-hop movement in the early 2000s, has teamed up with Uruguayan MC Santi Mostaffa for hard-hitting track "Whoa!"

Bringing together two generations of leading Latin hip-hop forces, the empowering track finds the perfect balance between Akwid's distinctive and powerful vocals and Mostaffa's spitfire rhymes and clever lyrics.

"When we first heard Santi Mostaffa’s music, we were immediately drawn to his lyricism and his respect for Latin hip-hop’s origins as well as where the genre is heading," says Sergio Gomez, who forms the duo Akwid along with his brother Francisco.

Mostaffa adds: "Akwid are true visionaries and pioneers of Latin hip-hop and I am beyond honored to have the chance to collaborate with them. We both have great respect and mutual admiration for each other’s music, and loved the idea of a South America-meets-North America-style collaboration."

Along with the new single, Akwid and Mostaffa are unveiling the music video for "Whoa!" today (Dec. 3). The visual was shot pre-COVID, with Mostaffa in a barber’s chair inspired by his lyric "no tengo un pelo de tonto," loosely translating to "I don’t have one foolish hair on my head."

Watch the music video for "Whao!" below.