Gloria Estefan Speaks Out About Testing Positive For Coronavirus: 'Fear Is The Biggest Part of This Whole Thing'

Gloria Estefan
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Gloria Estefan

Gloria Estefan took to social media to share her experience with COVID-19 after testing positive on Nov. 8.

"In the past few weeks I have been one of the victims of COVID," she shared in an Instagram post. The Latin superstar went on to share the days leading up to her positive result.

"October 30 was the only day I ever went out. I was wearing my mask and I went to a restaurant outdoors with some family. We wore masks all the way to the table and when we left. But [at the restaurant] somebody came up to me when I was eating and tapped me on the shoulder. They had no mask and were very close."

Days later, the "Mi Tierra" singer started experiencing COVID-like symptoms such as losing her taste and smell. "My poor chef was the victim of me telling her that her chicken she made me tasted like nothing. The next day my breakfast tasted like nothing. And I couldn’t smell my soap. I started freaking out. The fear is the biggest part of this whole thing."

Estefan, who also posted a list of vitamins that have helped her boost her immune system, has tested negative twice since her diagnosis and added that the only reason she's sharing this is because, "I want you to know how highly contagious this is." See her full message here.

The novel coronavirus has taken the lives of more than 270,000 people in the U.S. To date, 64.2 million coronavirus cases have been confirmed worldwide.