Mau y Ricky Break Down 6 Essential 'Rifresh' Tracks

Mau y Ricky
Tomas Stockton

Mau y Ricky

Mau y Ricky is ready to wrap up 2020 with the release of their sophomore album Rifresh, out today (Nov. 20) via Sony Music Latin.

On the 11-track set, the singer-songwriter duo (Mauricio Montaner and Ricardo Montaner) do not shy away from innovative fusions such as marrying alternative rock with futuristic urban melodies. Though they have previously collaborated with artists such as Lali, Karol G, Thalia and Lunay, this album comes with zero features, showcasing Mau y Ricky’s latest musical proposal.

If the title is any indication, Rifresh brings just that to the table, a refreshing twist to Latin pop.

Below, Ricky of Mau y Ricky breaks down six essential tracks on the album.

“Borrachos”: This is the first song on the album. It’s an urban song done in the '80s, we used some of our favorite synths to get this sound. The song talks about two people who broke up with their significant other and they meet at a place to drink and talk about it and end up falling for each other. I think it’s a song that has a clear sound as to what we were trying to propose and our growth as artists.

“Dolería”: This song is very real as far as lyrics go. It talks about that moment when you break up with someone and it was for the best because that relationship wasn’t good for any of you. But, at the same time, you miss the person and remember those happy moments. You loved each other, it just wasn’t working out. We did the strings with David Campbell, who was amazing! We wanted the strings to be sad but hopeful for what the future might bring.

“Papás”: It’s a song that really opened people’s eyes and ears to this record. It’s the first time that something like this has been done as far as the genre and the style of the music. We were kinda nervous because it’s hard in itself to have a hit but when you’re making up a genre, it makes you doubt it even more. The fact that so many people connected with this song makes us so happy.

“Fresh”: It’s pretty much drum and bass. It talks about feeling different and holding on to that feeling as a positive thing. Mau and I feel like this record stands within the industry. It’s a different sound but that’s what makes it special and it's a message for whoever feels that way in their personal life as well.

“Dime”: It’s a song that we like a lot. We did this song with Daramola. The song is about two people who were talking but never established anything serious. When one of them gets serious with someone else, the other person realizes that the person they were talking to was more important to them than they initially thought. In the end, they kind of regret the fact that they took so long to make a move.

“La Grosera”: It’s my personal favorite track on the album because it connects us more to Venezuela. The guitars have an important role and the lyrics are about your reaction to a breakup. It connects me with my country because the lingo and bad words are very particular to where we’re from. People can really connect with it.

Stream Rifresh below:

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