20 Questions with Sech: Panamanian Star Talks Recruiting J Balvin For Halloween-Themed 'La Luz'

Sech J-Balvin
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Sech & J-Balvin

After making the rounds with his empowering TikTok hit “Relacion,” Sech teamed up with J Balvin for his newest track “La Luz,” just in time for Halloween. "La Luz" comes on the heels of Sech winning new artist of the year at the 2020 Billboard Latin Music Awards.

“This is something different,” the Panamanian artist tells Billboard. “People have not heard me with this flow. J Balvin and I never had plans to collaborate together. We were just going to be friends forever. But after participating in many remixes together, I decided to show this song to him and he jumped on the track.”

“La Luz,” which fuses the distinct flavors of both artists over a spooky reggaetón melody, is accompanied by a Ghostbusters-inspired music video directed by Colin Tilley. “The acting in the video was an awesome experience,” Sech admits.

“I think that this song is going to be a hit because of the theme and style,” J Balvin adds. “It also shows a different side of Sech, a recharged Sech.”

“La Luz” will officially premiere at 9:00 p.m. ET on Saturday, Oct. 31 during Balvin’s performance at the Fortnitemares event in Party Royale.

Below, check out 20 questions with Sech, talking about his new single, first concert, favorite scary movie, and more.

1. What was the inspiration behind “La Luz”?

The mission was to create something different and have J Balvin jump on the track and that’s how it happened.

2. How would you describe the music video for “La Luz”?

Another level!

3. What words describe your friendship with J Balvin?

Beautiful and organic

4. How would you summarize your 2020 in one word?


5. What’s your favorite horror movie?


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Sech & J-Balvin "La Luz"

6. What’s the first piece of music that you bought for yourself, and what was the medium?

I can’t remember the song but I do remember that they gave me one of the first iPods full of music.

7. What was the first concert you saw?

I saw this Panamanian artist called Principal.

8. What did your parents do for a living when you were a kid?

Both of my parents were pastors but my dad was a chef and my mom was a teacher.

9. Who made you realize you could be an artist full-time?

Really, nobody. I just liked music, and one day I heard a song by Predikador that impacted me, and I wanted to create music like him.

10. What’s at the top of your professional bucket list?

It’s so many things, but I’m happy to know that I have friends who have already reached those goals. For example, I want to perform at the Super Bowl.

11. How did your hometown/city shape who you are?

The discipline that I have, it’s helped me a lot.

12. What’s the last song you listened to?

“No Me Conoce (Remix)” by Jhay Cortez, J Balvin, and Bad Bunny.

13. If you could see any artist in concert, dead or alive, who would it be?

A Panamanian artist called El Kid -- he passed away and I never got to meet him. I was a big fan.

14. What’s the craziest thing you’ve seen happen in the crowd of one of your sets?

A fan lifted up her shirt and she had nothing under -- and on another occasion, a fan came to my dressing room through the roof.

15. What’s your karaoke go-to?

I don’t really sing at karaokes but a song that makes me want to party is Bad Bunny’s “Bichiyal.”

16. What movie, or song, always makes you cry?

It’s a Christian song by Jesus Adrian Romero called “Mi Universo,” and the movie that makes me cry is Spirit.

17. What TV series have you watched all the way through multiple times?

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. I’ve always loved it.

18. What’s one thing that even your most devoted fans don’t know about you?

Maybe that I'm the producer of almost all of my songs.

19. If you were not a musician, what would you be?

I’d probably have my own construction company.

20. What’s one piece of advice you would give to your younger self?

Don’t quit! That’s what I thought about the most when people told me that music wasn’t for me. If I would’ve listened to them, I wouldn’t be here today.