Latin Artist on the Rise: How Quarantine Helped Alvaro Diaz Land His Dream Collaboration With Yandel

Alvaro Diaz
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Alvaro Diaz

Alvaro Diaz did not let a global health crisis stop him from working hard for his dreams. In fact, after kicking off the year with “Mera,” in collaboration with Tainy and Dalex, the Puerto Rican artist continued making music, which includes a major joint with Yandel.

“This pandemic took out the best of me,” Diaz tells Billboard, “and everything that I created during the quarantine is even better!”

Diaz’s road to fame began almost two decades ago when he would participate and win rap battles at his school and also submit his creations on popular music forums in Puerto Rico. His passion for music derives from his mother who would always sing to him when he was a child and his father who was part of a salsa orchestra.

Diaz, who studied public relations at university, picked up music as a hobby. But everything changed when he met popular reggaeton producer Víctor “Tunes” Cabrera of Luny Tunes, who later introduced him to Tainy.

“My first single ever was produced by Tainy,” he says of “Chicas de la Isla,” released in 2012. “It went viral in Puerto Rico because it mentions a lot of slang from the island and our people.”

Today, Diaz forms part of the NEON16 management roster helmed by Latin Grammy-winning producer and music executive Lex Borrero. “I fell into several wrong situations throughout my career,” he admits. “Tainy and I have many similarities and I feel very privileged with this opportunity.”

His Yandel-assisted track “Lo Que Te Duele,” released Thursday (Oct. 29), comes on the heels of his collaborations with Cazzu in “Deportivo” and Sebastian Yatra in “A Donde Van.”

“Full Harmony and I developed the song and it made me get out of my comfort zone,” he notes. “We sent it to Yandel and in no time he sent back his verses. Tainy also added his flow to the track.”

Although Diaz has been in the game since age 14, 2020 has become a significant year in his career. “I have plenty of ideas and fresh proposals,” he says. “My music is different and progressive but with seasoning. I make art, that’s what I do.”

Learn more about this week’s Latin Artist on the Rise below:

Name: Jorge Alvaro Diaz

Age: 31

Major Accomplishment: “Yandel’s humility is impressive and he’s an example to follow. I still can’t believe that I have a song with him. This is the biggest achievement of my career until now. Listening to Yandel say my name at the end of the song was epic. I even hugged him!”

Recommended Song: "Lo Que Te Duele"

What’s Next: “In November or December I want to release my mixtape with about 17 songs called Dias Antes, which I’ve been working on for quite some time. The concept is to show the five different sides of Alvarito with some trap music, reggaeton and more. During quarantine, I also worked on another album called Felicilandia, which I hope will come out sometime in 2021.”