Lele Pons, Maluma & More DIY Halloween Costume Ideas to Dress as Your Favorite Latin Stars

Lele Pons and Guaynaa, "Se Te Nota"
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Lele Pons and Guaynaa, "Se Te Nota"

Halloween is right around the corner, and if you have yet to figure out what you're dressing up as, we've got you covered.

Whether you're trying to top your costume from last year or just looking to get in the Halloween spirit and dress up while still in quarantine, these DIY costume ideas won't disappoint.

Billboard suggests the following costumes inspired by some of our favorite Latin artists and music videos that are fun and easy to put together at the last minute. From Karol G and Nicki Minaj in "Tusa" to our latest cover stars Maluma and Jennifer Lopez, check them out below.

Karol G & Nicki Minaj in "Tusa"

What You Need: “Tusa” is the way to go for you and your best friend. If you’re dressing up as Karol G, wear an all-white pant suit, a sparkly bustier underneath, a bedazzled choker, large earrings, and a low ponytail. If you’re dressing up as Nicki Minaj, rock a high ponytail with a small crown around it, a hot-pink prom dress with a slit up the leg, and a matching glove on your right arm.

Maluma & J.Lo on the cover of Billboard

What You Need: Grab your hottest friend to re-create this stunning Billboard cover featuring Latin superstars Maluma and Jennifer Lopez. To dress up as Maluma, you'll need crisp white pants paired with a white vest, black shoes, a statement ring for your left pinky and a dangly gold necklace. To re-create J.Lo's black dress, you can either go with a long, one shoulder dress and make a few cuts on the right side just enough to reveal your killer abs and (very) high slit on the left side . Keep it simple on the jewelry; a simple gold choker will do.

Anitta in "Me Gusta" 

What You Need: For this showstopper look, you'll need a green leopard-print suit and matching stilettos. As for accessories, you'll need a simple black bra, to wear under the suit, black square sunglasses and silver chandelier-style earrings.

Lele Pons & Guaynaa in "Se Te Nota" 

What You Need: Se te nota that you and your twin soul want to dress up as Guaynaa and Lele Pons for Halloween! For Lele, wear a white, cropped tube top, black tights, black bathing suit bottom with a black skirt, opened in the front, and a white glove on the right arm and black glove on the left arm. Rock a really high ponytail with a thick, white ribbon around it, silver statement earrings and funky eye makeup. For Guaynaa, wear light blue slacks, black shoes, and orange tee and matching buttoned-up shirt and most importantly, a puka shell necklace.

Bad Bunny in quarantine

What You Need: You don't need much to re-create this painting-like photo of El Conejo Malo sunbathing while in quarantine.  Grab some heart-shaped sunglasses, a towel, a blanket to lie on top of and a thin gold chain necklace. For those that want to get a bit more creative, draw a palm tree tattoo on your right thigh.

Becky G & Ozuna in "No Drama" 

What You Need: A costume for you and bae that’s easy to whip up and drama-free! To dress up as Becky G, wear a bikini bottom, a flowy, purple halter top, simple jewelry and makeup. Also, make sure to be barefoot for the photo. To dress up as Ozuna, rock a braided ponytail, sunglasses, beige pants, beige boots and beige sweater vest.

Rosalía in "WAP"

What You Need: Rosalía's iconic and chic matador look in "WAP" won't be easy to pull off, but if you want to give it a shot, you'll need a red latex bodysuit and matching sky-high platforms. To re-create the montera hat, you'll have to stack braids on top of your head for the ultimate look. Finally, bling it up with dramatic gold necklaces and rings.

Anuel AA, Jhay Cortez & J Balvin in "Medusa"

What You Need: A fun option for the squad. To dress up as Anuel, wear all black, a color-block puffer jacket, a lot of bling around the neck and fingers, and a beanie -- if it has diamonds, even better. For Jhayco, paint your hair with funky animal print, wear all-white denim (make sure to get creative with a marker), black combat boots, and a pair of fashionable sunglasses. For J Balvin, an all-red jogger set, white sneakers, cool sunglasses, some tats on the hands, and you’re all set!

Mau Y Ricky & Thalia in "Ya Tú Me Conoces"

What You Need: Grab your best pals for this one to re-create Mau y Ricky and Thalía's look in their video for "Ya Tú Me Conoces." To look like Thalía, you'll need booty denim shorts and a fitted pink and gold blouse with matching gloves. For accessories, grab a dramatic oversized gold chain necklace, a thick belt and gold chains to put around your waist. Let your hair down and style in beach waves and voila! If you're dressing up as Mau, you'll just need blue pants and a beige hoodie with a smiley face. For Ricky, you need a red leather jacket, black pants, a red and white checkered, button-down shirt. Accessorize with dark sunglasses, silver necklaces and silver bracelets.

Camilo & Evaluna at the beach 

What You Need: If love is in the air, then Camilo and Evaluna is the perfect costume. For Evaluna, wear white linen pants, a black cropped tank top, natural makeup and a bandana on your head. For Camilo, twirl your mustache, rock cool jewelry on your ears and neck, and don’t forget your acoustic guitar with a Polaroid photo of your girl.

CNCO at the VMAs

What You Need: Here’s a fun one for you and four friends: CNCO! Make sure to dress hip and trendy, including cool sneakers, ripped jeans, baseball hats and minimal jewelry. If you want to dress up as Richard Camacho or Zabdiel de Jesus, don’t shy away from dying your hair a vibrant color. Choreography and TikTok dances are very important for this ensemble too.

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