Carin Leon & Grupo Firme Unveil 'Amor Borrachito' Video: Watch

Carin Leon, Grupo Firme
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Two days after 'El Toxico' became a trending video, the two acts are releasing a follow-up.

“El Tóxico,” an uptempo banda song by Grupo Firme and Carin León, surpassed 2 million views on YouTube and landed at No. 16 on YouTube’s trending videos list just 36 hours after release.

Now, the two rising regional Mexican acts are hoping to surpass that feat in a perhaps unprecedented one-two punch, releasing a second single and video titled “Amor Borrachito” just 48 hours later.

“We’re both at a key moment in our careers and we’re thrilled. I think this is the most important release for both of us, ever,” León, speaking from his home in Hermosillo, Sonora, tells Billboard.

Signed to the indie label Tamarindo Recordz, León, 30, had steadily grown his presence with music that was always rooted in traditional sounds, from norteño to ranchera.

But things began to change when he began performing acoustic sessions -- where he plays guitar and is accompanied by his brass band -- during the Covid-19 lockdown. León now has over 5 million Spotify listeners and over 1 billion YouTube views.

The video for “El Tóxico” was filmed in a seaside mansion in Mexico. The track, an uptempo departure for León, is about a guy who’s been dumped by his girlfriend but can’t stop fawning over her.

“Amor Borrachito,” which could be seen as a continuation, shows another side. “We broke up, I don’t care, until I get drunk and I do,” laughs León, who wrote the track with Javier Gonzalez “Tamarindo,” who is also the owner of Tamarindo Recordz. “It’s like a whole story. I like to think of my songs like movies.”

The continuity is also seen in the video, which involves Grupo Firme and León singing and partying poolside and drinking Tecate Light.

“We were simply having a good time and that’s what they had to drink,” says León. “It’s a song to have a good time, and it showcases what Grupo Firme is about, and also, another side of me. More important, these are songs that are full of Mexico. We want to take to the world a sound that represents us how we are and how Mexico is.”

Watch the video for “Amor Borrachito” below.