Latin Remix of the Week: Ivy Queen Joins Bad Bunny & Nesi For 'Yo Perreo Sola' Remix

Ivy Queen, Desi, and Bad Bunny
Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

Ivy Queen, Desi, and Bad Bunny performs onstage at the 2020 Billboard Music Awards, broadcast on Oct. 14, 2020 at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles, Calif.

Bad Bunny, Ivy Queen and Nesi's "Yo Perro Sola" performance at the 2020 Billboard Music Awards on Oct. 14 was a showstopper.

Premiering the remix to his hit song, Bunny brought out Nesi, who was already on the original version, and reggaetón icon Ivy Queen for an epic set that championed women, bringing together two generations of female artists in reggaetón.

"It's important for me to champion women, but it should be important for everyone," Bunny tells Billboard exclusively. "With time you understand the power of your voice, and if I have the power to inspire and motivate people to listen to my music, then I can also motivate them to do positive things for society and defend women. It's important for other artist to start doing the same and motivate their fans."

The new version of "Yo Perreo Sola" stays true to its original version, but this one finds Ivy Queen taking on some of Bunny's verses for a more direct and impactful delivery of the song's ultimate message: I don't need a man -- I can twerk alone.

It's a message men should understand and respect. "This award goes to women around the world, especially Latin women and those from Puerto Rico,” Bad Bunny said as he accepted the top Latin artist award during the ceremony. “Without you, nothing would exist, not even reggaetón. So enough with the machista violence against women. This song has a social message about understanding that you can perrear [twerk], get educated and be respectful all at the same time. If she doesn’t want to dance with you, respect her -- she can dance alone.”

Below, stream Billboard's Latin remix of the week:

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