From Rosalia & Pharell's Q&A to the On the Rise Panel, Vote for Your Favorite Part of Latin Music Week Day 3

Sech, Camilo, Rauw Alejandro and Cazzu.
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Sech, Camilo, Rauw Alejandro and Cazzu.

Thursday's (Oct. 22) programming for 2020 Billboard Latin Music Week included seven back-to-back panels and showcases dedicated to Latin Music, culture and entertainment.

Viewers who tuned in at 10 a.m. ET were able to enjoy to a conversation between Rosalia and Pharrell Williams, the second On the Rise panel with Sech, Camilo, Rauw Alejandro and Cazzu, an emotional speech by Rebeca Leon during the Latin Power Players Executive of the Year award presentation, and showcases by Llane and Natalia Jimenez.

Celebrating its 30th anniversary as the longest-running and biggest Latin music industry event, the four-day immersive experience features intimate artist conversations, industry panels, workshops and performances. To watch the exclusive content for free, tune in every day until Friday (Oct. 23) to or

If you tuned in to the third day of the virtual Latin Music Week, vote your favorite part in the poll below!

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