Watch YouTube's Lyor Cohen at Billboard Latin Week

Global Music Head Lyor Cohen Talks Latin Music on YouTube

Latin is now mainstream. On Billboard's new Global 200 chart, Latin music is the top core genre in the world, and the third overall, behind only rap/hip hop and pop.

A big reason for Latin music’s global success is YouTube. The platform has been singularly friendly to Latin music and artists, and at any given time, 30% of all the tracks on its top global charts feature Latin artists. In an exclusive interview, YouTube's global head of music, Lyor Cohen, explained how Latin music has triumphed on YouTube and what other genres can learn from it.

Here are five takeaways:

1. "Artists understood this global platform, took advantage of it and became PhDs in the platform. It ravel all over the world. I was in Japan and India, and the biggest question everyone asks me is, what the heck is going on in Latin America? How do we replicate that?"

2. "Latin artists travel the world and perform around the world. That’s what separates them. Latin artists make up 30% of all entries on YouTube’s fabled Billion view club. 65 videos featuring Latin artists have achieved billion view status."

3. "Latin artists share. They want to bring in additional artists. They share information, they want to inform their colleagues."

4. "Because of Latin artists our livestreams have seen over 250% growth. They've led the way."

5. We plan to continue investing in the region, continue listening to our partners and build awesome products to help them engage with their fans. Our premiere product is a perfect example of how you can call to action and tell all your fans that a video will be shown and get your fans engaged. We are in a VOD world. So creating special moments that our shared community experiences are important.

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