Latin Is the Third Largest Music Genre in the World, Plus More Key Facts

Watch the Nielsen Music/MRC Data Presentation at Billboard Latin Music Week

By now, it’s no secret that Latin music has gone mainstream. But just how mainstream?

From a billion streams to global domination, Vita Molis, director of global research and insights for MRC Data and Nielsen Music, broke it down for us. See below for five fascinating facts and find out more about the full study here.

1. Audio streaming of Latin music has been steadily climbing since May and is now above industry. In September, weekly audio streams for Latin music hit 1 billion for the first time.

2. Latin is mainstream across the board. On Billboard’s overall Top 200 chart, Latin music is the third largest genre in the chart (13%), only behind rap/hip-hop and pop.

3. The growth of Latin streams is fueled by new releases.

4. Latin fans are enthusiastic: 39% of Latin fans are the first among their friends to discover new music.

5. Platforms like Instagram, YouTube and TikTok are great marketing tools. 71% of Latin fans streamed short videos online; 61% use these sites to discover new music.

Watch the presentation above and find out more about the full study here. For all conversations and a full schedule, see here.

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