Latin Music Week 2020: Watch 'Changing the World, One Hit at a Time' Panel With the Black Eyed Peas

During the 2020 Billboard Latin Music Week, the ultimate multicultural supergroup Black Eyed Peas spoke on activism, identity and how its music effects change during their highly-anticipated "Changing the World, One Hit at a Time" panel.

During the panel, moderated by Billboard senior Latin writer Griselda Flores,, and Taboo talked about using their platform to inspire change with anthemic songs like "Where Is the Love?" and "Big Love."

Throughout the years, The Black Eyed Peas have become agents of change pushing forward long-overdue conversations on issues like gun violence, climate change and the crisis at the border.

Watch the complete conversation above.

The Billboard Latin Music Awards coincides with the 30th anniversary of Latin Music Week, a four-day virtual experience dedicated to Latin music, culture and entertainment.

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