CNCO Give Fans an Intimate Studio Tour: Exclusive Video

Aaron Snaiderman


Just follow the guys! The members of CNCO are taking their beloved CNCOwners on a tour of their studio to offer a look into a day of hard work in an exclusive video for Billboard’s IGTV series, "The Takeover."

Kicking off at 1 p.m., the boys -- who in November are releasing their third studio album, which they worked on during quarantine -- do some promo and TikTok dances for their latest single, “Beso.” Group members Christopher Velez and Joel Pimentel then drive to the place where all the magic happens -- the recording studio. “We have a lot of great songs prepared,” Pimentel says.

Velez walks around the studio, showing off awards, trophies, their meeting area, and more on the mini tour.

“This is a more intimate part of the studio,” Zabdiel De Jesús adds, showing off the kitchen-meets-lounging area.

“This is where we like to chill,” Erick Brian Colon shouts in the background. “This is our concentration place.”

After a long day of work, the boys wrap up the Billboard Takeover around 2 a.m. Zabdiel shares his home recording studio and city view. Joel scrolls through Netflix. “I haven’t watched shows in a long time, What do you recommend?” he asks. Meanwhile, Christopher spends his time at home playing with his adorable puppy.

Check out the full video below.