Breaking Down All the Nominated Videos at the 2020 Latin Grammys

Los Tigres at Folsom Prison
Lance Dawes

Los Tigres at Folsom Prison 

In honor of the Latin Recording Academy unveiling the nominees to its 21st annual Latin Grammy Awards, Billboard highlights all the nominations in the music video field, including for best short-form music video and best long-form music video.

The best short-form music video title, which recognizes an individual track or single promotional clip and is awarded to the artist and to the video director/producer, was first given to Gloria Estefan at the inaugural 2000 awards for “No Me Dejes de Querer,” directed by Emilio Estefan. Last year, Kany Garcia and Residente’s “Banana Papaya,” directed by Residente, took the title.

The best long-form music video award, which was first presented at the seventh annual Latin Grammys, recognizes video packages consisting of more than one song and is awarded to the artist and the video director/producer of at least 51 percent of the total playing time. Both Bebo and Cigala’s album Blanco y Negro En Vivo and Cafe Tacuba’s live album Un Viaje tied in 2006. Pedro Capo’s En Letra de Otro documentary won last year.

Below, check out all the videos up for the best short-form and best long-form video at the 2020 Latin Grammys, airing live at 8 p.m. ET on Nov. 19 via the Univision network.


Title: BaianaSystem & Tropkillaz, “Saci (Remix)”
Director: Rafael Kent

What it's about: From an empty garage to a rooftop parking lot, a man is being chased by an angry group of men and women. He then realizes he has the power to control these people and infects them with his killer dance moves.

Title: J Balvin, “Rojo”
Director: Colin Tilley

What it's about: In the heart-wrenching and cinematic “Rojo,” Balvin is seen on the phone while driving and gets into a fatal car accident while on his way to the hospital to see his newborn. He never gets to see his wife again or meet his daughter, but he is with them in spirit at all times -- even on his widow's dates with other men.

Title: Bivolt, “Cubana”
Directors: Gabriel Augusto & Quemuel Cornelius

What it's about: The action-packed “Cubana” tells the story of a criminal who’s on the run and uses a sharp folding fan as her secret weapon. The Brazilian rapper portrays a detective, who in the end, has a fatal attraction toward the mischievous woman.

Title: Porter, “Para Ya”
Director: Alexis Gómez

What it's about: Filmed in Mexico City’s Instituto Mier y Pesado, this video shows an army of women and men training hard but at the same time, tells a sweet love story. According to the Mexican indie rock band, the video highlights part of the Mexican culture.

Title: Rosalia & Travis Scott, “TKN”
Director: Canadá

What it's about: In “TKN,” both Rosalia and Scott exchange verses about family business and omertà (Sicilian law of silence). The music video, filmed in North Hollywood, Calif., in February, features the artists with a group of children as they take to the streets to start a dance revolution.


Title: Just Play Peru, The Warrior Woman of Afro-Peruvian Music
Director: Matt Geraghty, Araceli Poma & Daniel Thissen,

What it's about: Celebrating the contributions of female artists around the world, the series "The Warrior Women of Afro-Peruvian Music" features Afro-Peruvian female artists who have fought for equal rights both in music and society.

Title: Amaia, Una Vuelta Al Sol
Director: Marc Pujolar

What it's about: In this documentary, Spanish singer-songwriter Amaia shares her journey behind the creation of her first album Pero No Pasa Nada and traces her beginnings in the music industry.

Title: Los Tigres Del Norte, Los Tigres del Norte at Folsom Prison
Director: Tim Donahue

What it's about: The 2019 documentary chronicles Los Tigres del Norte’s visit to Folsom Prison on the 50th anniversary of Johnny Cash’s performance there. The film features inmates who talk about their experience with the prison system and the band’s influence on their lives.

Title: Siddhartha, Relato de la Memoria Futuro
Director: Arturo Fabián De La Fuente & Cristóbal González Camarena

What it's about: Narrated by Siddhartha, the 20-minute documentary tells the story behind the album Memoria Futuro and explores all the elements and lived experiences that made the Mexican artist’s latest album possible.

Title: Carlos Vives, El Mundo Perdido de Cumbiana
Director: Carlos Felipe Montoya

What it's about: The Colombian singer-songwriter and philanthropist spotlights the history of the amphibian universe to better understand the origins of cumbia and vallenato, the ancestral spirits that inspired his latest production, and the environmental challenges the Magdalena River ecosystem is facing.

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