6 Essential Tracks From Los Ángeles Azules' 'De Buenos Aires Para El Mundo': Editor's Picks

Los Ángeles Azules
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Los Ángeles Azules

Recorded last year during a live concert at the Salón Unione e Benevolenza in Buenos Aires, Los Ángeles Azules's new album De Buenos Aires Para El Mundo reunites some of Argentina, Chile and Mexico's hottest acts who, along with the cumbia titans, belt out some of Los Ángeles Azules classics.

The 14-track set brings together pop legends, rock superstars and Argentinian folk icons who inject new life to songs like "Ay Amor," "El Listón De Tu Pelo" and "Entrega De Amor."

As a tribute to Argentina, producers Rodolfo Lugo and Jorge Mejía-Avante used instruments characteristic of Argentinian music such as percussions, bombo leguero, a string quartet, bandoneon, charangos, guitars, and synthesizers, creating a more wholesome experience to this celebration of cumbia music.

Below, check out six essential tracks on Los Ángeles Azules' De Buenos Aires Para El Mundo:

“La Cumbia del Infinito” ft. Pablo Lescano 

Los Ángeles Azules drop a revamped version of “La Cumbia del Infinito,” featuring Argentine singer-songwriter and lead singer of Damas Gratis, Pablo Lescano. A blend of Los Ángeles Azules' distinctive cumbia sonidera and Lescano’s cumbia villera, the track is part of Los Ángeles Azules’ forthcoming album titled “De Buenos Aires Para El Mundo,” a spin-off of their famous phrase “De Iztapalapa Para El Mundo,” that will feature other iconic Argentine artists like Vicentico, Abel Pintos and Américo. “La Cumbia del Infinito” was originally released in 1994 in the group’s Entrega de Amor album. -- Griselda Flores

“Como Te Voy A Olvidar” ft. Vicentico

If you think Los Angeles Azules is music that only your mom and tia’s listen to, think again. The ever-so-classic “Como Te Voy A Olvidar,” originally released in 1996, is one of the many cumbia songs that Latino millennials, like myself, grew up listening to. On the Billboard Regional Mexican Songs chart, “Como Te Voy a Olvidar” landed at No. 5 on the list dated Jan. 25, 1997. Without losing its sonidera essence and infectious accordion melody, Los Angeles teamed up with Vicentico, lead singer of Los Fabulosos Cadillacs, for a more upbeat version sung mostly with Vicentico’s hoarse voice. -- Jessica Roiz

"Entrega de Amor" ft. Palito Ortega

Just as we thought this Los Ángeles Azules 1993 classic couldn't get any better, Argentine superstar Palito Ortega injects it with new life. Still a cumbia at its core, Ortega's vocal versatility is perfect for the often high-pitched verses that quickly switch calling for a more deep voice. Ortega has no problem switching back and forth. -- G.F. 

“Las Maravillas de la Vida” ft. Lali 

After teaming up with Carla Morisson in 2015 for “Las Maravillas de la Vida,” Los Angeles Azules recruited Lali for a new version out today. Forming part of the group’s forthcoming album De Buenos Aires para el mundo!, which includes hits by Los Angeles along with special collabs by renowned Argentine, Chilean and Mexican artists, “Las Maravillas” fuses the distinctive sound of Iztapalapa cumbia with Argentine cumbia.

With its lyrics, Lali tells the love story of a couple who wants to be together but should give their relationship time. The catchy cumbia also integrates Argentine folklore and tango. Watch the music video, recorded live, below. -- J.R.

"Ay Amor" ft. Juan Ingaramo

This Los Ángeles Azules' timeless song takes a whole new life thanks to Juan Ingaramo's delivery of the heartbreak lyrics. The Argentine singer's tender vocals pair perfectly with the slowed-down pop-tinged cumbia. Then, near the two-minute mark, Ingaramo takes the spotlight adding his own lyrics to this classic track, but then quickly picks up where he left off: "Ay amor, como viste en mi corazón, tanto amor, que te da este humilde servidor." -- G.F. 

“Y La Hice Llorar” ft. Abel Pintos

In my opinion, this is hands-down one of the best revamped versions on De Buenos Aires Para El Mundo. Fusing the best of both worlds, “Y La Hice Llorar,” featuring Abel Pintos, adds a touch of tropical-pop to the already-catchy cumbia song. With his dulcet, crisp vocals, Pintos narrates a sad love story where a man made the love of his life cry. -- J.R.

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