Anuel Got New Face Tattoos & Fans Have Mixed Feelings: See the Reactions

Anuel AA
Carlos Perez

Anuel AA

Anuel surprised fans once more after flaunting his new face tattoos on Instagram.

The Puerto Rican trap artist shared a selfie on Wednesday (Aug. 19) showing off his two tats on the right side of his face. “Fear God” reads one in cursive on top of his eyebrow and a cross is located on his upper cheek area, right under the eye.

In true “relationship goals” fashion, Karol G also got inked. The tattoo artist, who goes under the alias Tatu Baby, posted a photo of Karol’s new designs which include a butterfly on her right arm, near the wrist.

Meanwhile, fans on the internet have mixed feelings about Anuel’s new face tattoo with some calling it “ugly” and others saying he’s rocking the new look.

Check out some reactions below.