Cardi B & Kulture Jamming To Natti Natasha’s Music Is The Cutest Thing You’ll See All Day

Cardi B has once again shown her love and admiration for Natti Natasha during a recent Instagram Live.

While connecting with her fans this week, the Dominican-American rapper was seen carrying her daughter Kulture and both dancing to Natti’s latest single “Que Mal Te Fue.”

What made the video even more adorable was the moment baby Kulture sang part of the song in Spanish. “Que paso? Que paso?” she sings along with mommy. “I told you she likes this song,” Cardi assured her followers.

On Twitter, the “WAP” singer elaborated: “She sound sooo cute tho when she sings it randomly in the house .Que pachhhoooooo.” Natti later reacted, saying, “Que pachooo. Love it. She’s beautiful, God bless her.”

Billboard can confirm that both artists have not met in person, but they have established a friendship over social media. Cardi has previously shared videos where she’s seen listening to Natti’s music or talking good about her Dominican colleague.

Check out the tweets below.