What Does Ricky Martin's New 'Headphone Edition' of 'Pausa' Sound Like?

Ricky Martin
Jwan Yosef

Ricky Martin

Ricky Martin wants you to listen to his album, Pausa. Really listen.

Today, Martin unveiled a special “Headphone Edition” re-release of the album (originally released in May) which incorporates and all new audio technique called “Orbital Audio.”

The patent-pending audio technique, developed by Martin with mix engineer Jaycen Joshua, creates an immersive headphone listening experience, that is supposed to allow the listener to “engulf listeners within the complexities of a particular track for a true musical journey you can feel.”

So, how exactly does Orbital Audio sound? We waited until 9:00 a.m. ET today (July 30), when Martin officially released the new version of Pausa, complete with a new cover, to test it for ourselves. The album features an enhanced surround sound, where each musical layer can be clearly heard and picked apart, even as it becomes part of a whole.

A good example is “Recuerdo,” featuring Carla Morrison. In the headphone mix, the song kicks off with Morrison’s voice on the left headphone, and it gradually engulfs the entire sound before Martin comes in on the right. But the instrumental layering is what’s most remarkable, with the listener able to extrapolate every element of sound. It’s indeed a very different experience from the original recording; almost like listening 3D.

“This new 'Orbital Audio' technique has enabled me to deliver an extra layer of richness and immersion that enhances and enriches the tracks and the way fans can experience music via headphones -- which is especially important in this time where fans can’t share the magic of being in a live concert setting,” said Martin in a statement.

Joshua added, “What Ricky and I did was set out to solve something that’s been bothering us as well as fellow musicians for a while. We wanted to find a new way for fans to be realistically deeply entrenched in the music."

The new version of Pausa includes a new unreleased track, “Mi Sangre” featuring Bollywood star Neha Mahajan -- produced using “Orbital Audio." Pausa features collaborations with Sting, Carla Morrison, Residente, Bad Bunny, Diego El Cigala, and Pedro Capó.

Listen to the full enhanced album below.