Bad Bunny's Road to Success Comes to YouTube's ‘Artist Spotlight Stories’

Bad Bunny
Alejandro Pedrosa

Bad Bunny

Update: The full episode is now live. Watch below.

For the past two months, Bad Bunny has been on a social media detox with his last post on Twitter and Instagram posted on May 19. “Bye, me fui,” reads the caption, which translates to “Goodbye, I left.”

Despite being absent from the ‘gram, Bunny has been keeping busy amid the current health crisis, recently nabbing the cover for Playboy magazine and now, forming part of the YouTube Music “Artist Spotlight Stories” series.

“Sometimes I feel I attract everything with my mind,” the Puerto Rican singer expressed in a one-minute trailer posted on his YouTube channel. “I think a lot of people, if not everyone, can do the same. But not everyone knows that.”

Bad Bunny’s short documentary will share his road to success from the beginning of his career to his chart-topping YHLQMDLG album.

“I try never to limit myself, at least not me and when someone tries to do so, I try to push them to the limit, as far as I can,” he added in the trailer.

Bad Bunny's Artist Spotlight Story will premiere on Wednesday (July 22) on YouTube Music.

He now joins Ozuna, J Balvin, Billie Eilish, Shawn Mendes, and other artists in the intimate series.

Watch the full episode: