Jennifer Lopez and Maluma Are Working on New Music: ‘Are You Ready?’

Maluma and Jennifer Lopez

Maluma and Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez and Maluma have officially announced that they are working on new music together.

In a set of photos posted on their respective Instagrams, J.Lo and the Colombian superstar were all giggles and fun as they held a piece of paper and pen.

“This class, I like,” expressed Maluma. “Who do you think is the foolish one and who do you think is the wise one of the two?” he asked, assuring that a collaboration was in the works. “Oh, and we’re recording a hit.”

Lopez captioned her photos with what seemed like part of the lyrics. “Pase lo que pase ‘toy pa’ ti,” which translated to, “whatever happens, I’m with you.” “Are you ready?” she asked her JLovers on social media.

In addition to their upcoming song, Lopez and Maluma will co-star in the forthcoming rom-com Marry Me, where the Latin star will play one Lopez's love interest.

According to Lopez, Marry Me will include new music on its soundtrack from both her and Maluma. "I did an album with this movie, so there are all new songs, new music with it, so it's exciting," she said earlier this year on the The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. "I have six to eight songs, and Maluma does two or three."

See the photos here and here.