First Stream Latin: New Music by Rauw Alejandro, Gaby Moreno & More

Rauw Alejandro
Kevin Figueroa “90th Shooter”

Rauw Alejandro

"First Stream Latin" is a compilation of the best new Latin songs, albums and videos recommended by the Billboard Latin editors. Check out this week's picks below.

Natanael Cano, Trap Tumbado (Rancho Humilde)

Natanael Cano’s jump to trap was only a matter of time and today, the 19-year-old Mexican singer-songwriter released his first-ever bilingual trap album titled Trap Tumbado. An explosive eight-track set that features collaborations with Lil Tecca, Tyan G, JohnnyX and Ovi. Signed to Rancho Humilde, the unprecedented trap album is not only a first for Cano, who started off his career singing traditional Mexican corridos, it also becomes the first trap album released by the Mexican-American indie label. The rising star’s trap album drops following his chart-topping success thanks to his corridos tumbados – a spinoff on the Mexican corrido infused with hip-hop. For his first trap collection, Cano stays true to his lyrics singing about his personal journey (“Qué Bendición” & “Yo Vengo de Barrio”) and love and lust (“La Reina” & “Me Tira Por El Phone”). --- GRISELDA FLORES

Rauw Alejandro, “Algo Mágico” (Sony Music Latin/Duars Entertainment)

After back-to-back reggaeton hits, Rauw Alejandro drops “Algo Mágico” with innovative melodies that flaunt his other artistic side. Translated to “something magical,” the track fuses contemporary pop sounds with electronic house rhythms, giving it that infectious dance beat à la Daft Punk or The Weeknd. Rapping heartfelt lyrics such as “your eyes have something magical,” the sincere song is an oath to inner beauty and unconditional love. Hoping that his fans will resonate with the song, Rauw says he’s been working on the song for a long time and that it’s meant to be dedicated to that special someone. An animated music video, directed by Sebastián Mejia, shows two masked people traveling the world on a dragon as they get to know each other. “Algo Mágico” is part of Rauw’s upcoming album Afrodisiaco. --- JESSICA ROIZ

Luciano Pereyra, Lang Lang, "Me enamoré de tí" (Universal Music Argentina)

Argentine singer Luciano Pereyra does an unusual, but effective pairing with classical pianist Lang Lang in this beautifully simple ballad. There is only piano and voice here, augmented only with vocal layerings. Lang Lang’s virtuosity –there are moments where it feels like a piano concerto—and Pereyra’s emotional, piercing tenor singing the long melodies on top, are two different worlds that manage come together convincingly. --- LEILA COBO

Vaya Futuro, “Talión” (Devil In The Woods)

Tijuana band Vaya Futuro’s “Talión” relative obscurity is portrayed through a cinematic music video directed by Marco Mangas, a collage of turquoise-tinted imagery as the base of the clip, perhaps a comparison to the voluble movement of water, a parallelism to human motion and its emotional ebb and flow. The song throbs on melancholic pulsations, on a brew of dark feelings where revenge is its main character. “The song talks about various forms of injustice in the form of flashbacks — murder, abuse, kidnapping, and more,” says the band comprised of Luis Aguilar (vocals, acoustic/electric guitar, bass guitar, synthesizer) , Miguel Ahuage (drums) and Luis Ros (bassist/engineer): Recuerdo el secuestro de mi padre/ Un hombre honesto que trabajó para estar donde está junto a mi madre/ Ella de Ahome, Él de Navolato Estado de Sinaloa/ Secuestradores y pederastas/ Cruz en el pecho y en el cuello una soga (“I remember my father’s kidnapping/ An honest man who worked to be where he is next to my mother/ She’s from Ahome/ He’s from Novolato, Sinaloa/ Kidnappers and pedophiles / Cross on the chest and rope around the neck.”) The song’s orotund orchestral weight is convoyed with striking string arrangements by Marco Martinez. It’s the second single off El Peso Del Mundo due out September 4. --- PAMELA BUSTIOS

Pitizion, “Tú” (Universal Music Latino)

Sending a powerful message about self-love and diversity, rising artist Pitizion presents “Tú” (You). The over two-minute track kicks off with witty lyrics about priorities over an acoustic guitar melody. Forty seconds in, the track transforms into a dulcet pop rhythm with hints of reggaeton. “Your smile is worth millions and you don’t notice / I’d like you to see yourself in my eyes,” she sings, emphasizing that what’s important is on the inside and not the outside. Written by Pitizion and Claudia Prieto, and produced by Andres “Drew” Saavedra, ''Tú” counts with an empowering music video that shows all types of people embracing and celebrating their true beauty. --- J.R.

Gaby Moreno & Mexican Institute of Sound, “Yemayá” (Soy Sauce)

Guatemalan singer-songwriter and the Mexican Institute of Sound join forces for this synth-infused pop single that takes its name after the Afro-Cuban goddess who represents fertility, water, and self-love, Yemayá. A love song at its core, Moreno’s ethereal voice takes center stage singing melancholic lyrics that pair perfectly with the groovy-tinged and melodic pop-infused track. “It’s a universal theme and we wanted to incorporate this mysterious and mystic figure into the song, since it’s part of the folklore of many different cultures,” Moreno said about the song. “Yemayá” was penned by Moreno and Camilo Lara (MIS) in 2019. The track also features Graham Coxon from Blur (guitarist, composer and co-producer) on electric guitar. --- G.F.

Kevin Johansen – “The Available 20s” (Sony Music Latin) 

Kevin Johansen returns with the unhinged “The Available 20s,” a beeline to the madness of the years post World War I by which dance becomes a manifestation of freedom. The tune represents the quintessential charm of his songs as Johansen creates a new vocabulary when he sings: playing around with the standard meaning of the word ‘available’ and its Spanish homonym ‘a-vailable’ which roughly translates to ‘danceable’. There’s an immediate sensation, a vibrational connection with Johansen’s comfortable low-pitched vocals married with the resonance of the bass by Cachorro López who also plays guitar, the dexterity and playful exchange of Sebastian Schon’s clarinet also on ukulele and keyboards, with Cheba Massolo on guitar and Ariel Polenta on piano. The song, produced by López and Schon, is a colorful detonation into the surreal, a convergence of moods that sway parallel to the 2020’s qualms and uncertainties. --- P.B.

Eladio Carrion, Sauce Boyz Care Package (Rimas Entertainment)

In the midst of a global pandemic, Eladio Carrion created and dropped his new set Sauce Boyz Care Package, under Rimas Entertainment, a deluxe edition of Sauce Boyz, which peaked at No. 8 on Top Latin Albums chart dated Feb. 15, 2020. Home to 10 new songs that were born during the quarantine period, where he’s been hunkered down in Medellin, Colombia, the deluxe album includes collaborations with Jhay Cortez, Dalex, Arcangel, Farruko, Lyanno and Brray, all which showcases Eladio’s distinctive vocals and unique Latin trap melodies. "I prepared 'Sauce Boyz Care Package' as a gift to my fans so that my music can be used to relax, enjoy and share,” Carrion said in a statement. “I wanted to give them a little of my 'salsa,’ to cheer them up in these difficult times.” Stream and listen to the album below: --- J.R.

Tony Succar ft. Anaadi, Raices Jazz Orchestra, “Mas Que Nada” (Unity Entertainment)

In May, Tony Succar and Pablo Gil joined forces to release Raices Jazz Orchestra’s (RJO) debut self-titled album, home to nine rhythmic tracks that showcases the musical groups global appeal. "Personally, I have always wanted to do a project in ‘big band’ because I consider Tito Puente as my greatest inspiration,” Succar said in a statement. Making the rounds with their new set, Succar and RJO teamed up with Grammy-winner Anaadi for “Mas Que Nada,” giving the Jorge Ben classic a contemporary tropical twist The vibrant and tropical music video, recorded in Portoalegre, Brazil, includes a hypnotic interpretation of the choir section of another Brazilian classic, “Berimbau.” Angola Raizes do Sul, a local Capoeira school, also shows off its mix of dance and martial arts to the sound of samba funk music. --- J.R.

Suzanna, “PaiPái” (Red B Records)

Suzanna Abellán, better known as Suzanna, is back with “PaiPai,” a tune well-entrenched in R&B where the Barcelonan pursues liberation with dogged perseverance. It’s her first all-Spanish tune carried with striking vocal delivery, underpinned by Diana Feria on keyboards, Fede Salgado on bass, and Gerard Silva on guitar. The tune journeys through a concoction of resolutions based on personal experiences that range from disappointment and detachment to gratitude. Releasing toxic relations, breaking free from stagnant situations are conveyed with lightness through a homemade music clip directed by the singer-songwriter whose versatility and the use of a few tools put her creativity to the fore. Trills and whistles of birds, a silicone gun, a sewing machine, and an iPhone stand behind a 40-euro budget music video inspired by the lashing tropical aesthetic of Portuguese-Brazilian singer and Broadway actress Carmen Miranda and her 1940s hit “Rebola a Bola” off Weekend in Havana. --- P.B.

TEO BOK, “Háblale Claro” (ARM Records)

Make way for 17-year-old Matteo Markus Bok, aka TEO BOK, whose single “Háblale Claro” (Speak Clearly), emerges in the Latin pop-music landscape with ease. It’s BOK’s first foray into the Latin market as the Italian singer-songwriter delivers his first all-Spanish song peppered with tropical elements that makes a personal statement about the implausibly easy achievements of difficult actions such as speaking out one’s mind in an adolescent relationship. Co-produced alongside Puerto Rican producer Yarek “Yoyo” Orsini, BOK brings Canadian video director Aaron A (Alessia Caro, Nelly Furtado) to a music video shot in Miami during lockdown filled with warm, sunlit vignettes that take the singer in a 24-hour journey around town. --- P.B.