Esteman's Eclectic Pride Playlist Celebrates Love and Liberation: Listen

Courtesy of T6H Entertainment


Colombian singer-songwriter Esteman is celebrating love and liberation with his ultimate pride playlist, which includes songs such as "I Feel Love" by Donna Summer, and Café Tacvba's "El Baile Y El Salón."

The gay and proud "Para Siempre" singer is the latest to share exclusively with Billboard the meaningful songs that have empowered, inspired and liberated him throughout the years.

His playlist also features two of his own songs in which he celebrates his love for another man, including his most recent one being "Para Siempre." About this pop anthem, Esteman says, "This song is a reflection of what I'm living with my boyfriend, and it mixes with dance and that feeling of wanting to live love openly."

Below, check out Esteman's pride playlist and why each song is special to him:

Donna Summer, "I Feel Love" 

To me, this song is a freedom anthem with which you allow your body to feel liberated and find yourself and others on the dance floor.

Gloria Estefan, "Everlasting Love"

Ever since watching this video when I was little, the video of Gloria singing this classic with different drag queens imitating her stayed with me. It was the first time I watched a Latin singer include this topic in her videos. I've always loved her.

Esteman, "Fuimos Amor"

This was the first song in which I showed my most intimate self with another man without filters. It's a song to remember and to celebrate a love that is no longer. It's my reality and it becomes the reality of someone else regardless of sexual identity.

Miguel Bosé & Ana Torroja, "Duende (Girados)"

I love them both for what they represent as artists. During my time in college, I had a friend who I used to hang out with to sing and perform this song in front of the mirror. It was our secret.

Garbage, "Androgyny"

In 2001, this song and video marked me: "You free your mind in your androgyny."

Esteman ft. Javiera Mena, "Amor Libre"

This song gave my third album its title and concept. It's an anthem to feel free to love, to adapt and the multiple forms of expression that a human being can express. To be able to sing with with Javiera was incredible.

Cafe Tacvba, "El baile y el salón"

One of my favorite songs of all time and one of my greatest LGBT anthems. Cafeta sang it when no one was singing it in the '90s: "From man to man, voulez vous coucher avec moi?"

Madonna, "Vogue"

It's difficult to just pick one from Madonna because for me, she is one of the greatest gay icons in music. This song defines a dance, a movement and a form of expression.

Esteman, "Para siempre"

An anthem for infinite love. This song is a reflection of what I'm living with my boyfriend and mixes with dance and that feeling of wanting to live love openly. It pays sonic and visual homage to some of the classics that marked my childhood.