J Balvin Goes Through Heartbreak, Cries Glitter Tears in Animated 'Azul' Music Video

J. Balvin. "Azul"
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J. Balvin. "Azul"

J Balvin dropped the official music video for “Azul,” a sensual reggaeton about a woman he’s crushing on. The blue-hued animated clip also tells the story of how he's trying to move on from her.

In the music video, which dropped Wednesday (June 10), Balvin goes through a heartbreak, reminiscing about the good and bad times in his relationship. To try to forget about his ex-girlfriend, he orders a life-size, blowup doll to give him company. Instead, he’s tainted by the memories and tries to keep occupied by drinking, working out, and hanging out with his faithful puppy. He even cries glitter tears because love hurts!

“‘Azul’ is one of the most ridiculous ideas I’ve probably ever had,” director Colin Tilley previously told Billboard.

“[Balvin] looked at me on FaceTime with the straightest face and said, ‘I love it.’ It’s one of those ideas that you could either seriously hate or love. And that’s what we strive for: You either will love it or hate it. It’s also about the feeling you get from color because when we listen to music, we see colors, you feel a color, and that’s the beauty of music. Let’s make you feel something.”

“Azul” is part of the Colores album and follows the music videos for “Blanco,” “Morado,” “Rojo,” “Amarillo,” “Gris,” “Verde,” and “Rosado," all directed by Tilley.

“My goal was for every video that drops is for it to up the previous one,” Tilley explained. “If we’re not doing that, then we’re not doing our job and there’s no point in releasing every single video.”

Watch the music video below: