First Stream Latin: New Music by Natti Natasha, Bebe, Ed Maverick & More

Natti Natasha
Jodi Jones

Natti Natasha

"First Stream Latin" is a compilation of the best new Latin songs, albums and videos recommended by the Billboard Latin editors. Check out this week's picks below.

Natti Natasha - “Que Mal Te Fue” (Pina Records)

After teasing fans on social media, Natti Natasha dropped her first single born during quarantine called “Que Mal Te Fue” (What Went Wrong) released under Pina Records. With a catchy reggaeton beat and Natti’s flirtatious vocals, the song is about a woman who’s questioning her ex for wanting to come back into her life. “What happened, what happened? / You tried being with another girl but it didn’t work out / What happened? / Your plans didn’t work out,” the Dominican urbana sings. In a homemade music video, Natti is seen splashing around in the pool as she enjoys her single life. --- JESSICA ROIZ

Rozalén – “Este Tren” (Sony Music Entertainment España)

The Spanish singer/songwriter’s first single from her upcoming fourth studio album is a stream of musical consciousness about shedding emotional baggage, set to a pulsating drum beat that simulates the quickly-moving tracks of a train. With the quest for liberty from everything, “including you,” as her rallying cry, Rozalen’s throaty voice meanders and soars as she takes us on this unexpected, delightful journey. --- LEILA COBO

Ed Maverick - "Nos Queda Mucho Dolor Por Recorrer” ft. Daniel Quien (Universal Musci Mexico)

Ed Maverick’s musical ascent is bolstered by songs such as “Nos Queda Mucho Dolor Por Recorrer” (We Have a Lot of Pain To Go), the first single of his upcoming new album which endures his rise to become Mexico’s most visible folk balladist. The delicacy of the acoustic ballad takes the listener through a journey of meditative imagery giving a tonal shift to communal abjections. Maverick’s hoarse and gentlemanly vocals are paired up with the rich and noble vocal performance by Mazatlán, Sinaloa singer-songwriter Daniel Quién, who co-wrote the song. The song is revealed through an animated lyric video by the Hermosillo, Sonora team Neuderts and was produced by Milo Froideval. Soy un niño disfrazado con capas de corteza madura/ buscando el camino que no me aleje de tu lado/ pero cargo de años un destino pa’ raros (“I’m a child disguised in layers of mature bark/ looking for the path that doesn’t pull me from your side/ but I carry years of bizarre fortune.”) --- PAMELA BUSTIOS

Bebe - "Es Por Ti" (Warner Music Spain)

Almost two years after releasing her single “Corazón,” Bebe returns with the uplifting “Es Por Ti” (It’s For You). With deep, honest lyrics such as “you came when I had lost faith / when I looked against the wall / when my scar was still visible / you smiled at me and told me ‘come’,” the Spanish singer-songwriter and actress sings to that special someone who helped her get through difficult times. In “Es Por Ti,” Bebe experiments with different fusions, from reggaeton to cumbia-tinged rhythmic beats. --- J.R.

Céu – "Forçar o Verão" (Six Degrees Reocords)

São Paulo’s Céu brings her electronic zeal into the politically-imbued “Forçar o Verão” (Forcing Summer), the third single which previews APKÁ!, her fifth full-length slated for June 26 release. The mellifluous tune braced by synth-keys and stout bass stokes, cries out over current times. It takes a metaphorical sense using ‘force’ and ‘summer’ as its sources of power to reminisce on local corrupt past deeds: “We have a lot of problems happening in Brazil. Very serious problems. Let's face that our beaches are polluted with oil and that there's veiled racism.” The tune is a combination of melodic reverberations each forming an individual melody and harmonizing with each other which was written by Céu, co-produced by drummer Pupillo with French musician and keyboardist Hervé Salters (General Elektriks) as well as bassist and programmer Lucas Martins with Pedro Sá on guitar. --- P.B.

Tito El Bambino, Farruko - "Se Va" (Rimas Entertainment)

Tito El Bambino and Farruko have teamed up once again for “Se Va” (She’s Gone). Rather than dwelling on lost love, the two Puerto Rican artists bring happiness and positivity to a breakup song, reminding fans that “you don't need the one who left, you need the one who will come." Ready to make a splash in the summer, “Se Va” has a captivating reggae melody with breezy tropical melodies. Watch the vibrant music video, filmed in Miami, below. --- J.R.

Delaossa – La Tour Liffee (Music Republic)

Make way for rapper Daniel Martinez de la Ossa Romero, better known as Delaossa, a founding member of Spain’s audiovisual collective Space Hammu, who is ushering a new era of collisions of local hip hop with incendiary and crude lyrics. His new EP La Tour Liffee, follow up to his debut studio album Un Perro Andaluz (2019) which set the ground for becoming the musical spokesperson of the mundane, is opening doors to new territories. His visceral out-of-chest vocals further the 27-year-old’s cultural spirit manifested through the 5-track set produced alongside Kiddo. The effort kicks off with the melodic “Por Nosotros” (For Us), a tune of lyrical boldness which rides to the beat by Gese Da O and sets the EP ablaze. It continues with the blatant torrent of “Me Mudé a Madrid,” featuring Israel B, and the stimulant beat by Colombian Granuja. Laden with a harmonic contemporary street vocabulary the set closes with “Veneno,” a procession of emotions, a thoughtful and heated tune with the beat by J. Moods whose measured flow marries in unison Delaossa’s guttural flow. --- P.B.