Bunbury Breaks Down 6 Essential Tracks on 'Posible': Exclusive

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Three years since his last collective set (Expectativas 2017), Bunbury unleashed his new album Posible on May 29.

Originally slated to be released in April, the Spanish rockstar decided to hold on releasing any new music in the middle of a global pandemic. "In the very beginning of the lockdown, they told us this was going to be for a couple of weeks. We waited until we saw this was going to be around for a long time. So, we decided to release the album and continue having plans and a life," Bunbury explains. "I think it's dangerous to wait indefinitely until somebody decides you can continue with your life." 

For this 10-track set, the Latin Grammy-winning artist gets experimental leaning on elements of electronic sounds and instruments like the cello, a piano and an electric guitar to create layers of explosive sounds. If there's one song that sums up the album's essence, it's "Cualquiera en su Sano Juicio," according to Bunbury.

"It's one of my favorite songs of the album and the one that opens it," he says. "It has a mid-tempo feeling but it's the perfect one to introduce you into the album spirit."

When will fans be able to see one of Latin America's biggest rock acts onstage again? Bunbury says he will resume live performances early 2021. "The tour is going to start in February to March in Latin America. Will continue in the U.S. in May to June. And we'll be in Europe in August to September. We are looking forward for this tour. We had to wait but it's going to be really something. Please, wait for us."

Below, Bunbury breaks down six essential tracks on Posible:

"Deseos de Usar y Tirar"

This was the first advance for the album. I love this one. I think the production is really important and interesting. It gives you an idea of what challenges we took with this album. It's not a rock song at all. Originally it was a bolero and we worked in the arrangement to change the feeling as much as we could, with the electronics, the computer and the cello. The lyrics are an apology of the lasting love. 

"Hombre de Acción"

This one is a very up-tempo song. I was thinking of Suicide, a personal favorite band from New York in the 70s and first 80s. They were mixing electronic music with 50s slap delay and very dark lyrics. “Hombre de Acción” has some of the epileptic movement of that era and the lyrics are a conversation with somebody that talks too much, but doesn't do a thing. Very common these days in the internet, right? 

"Cualquiera en su Sano Juicio (se Habría Vuelto Loco por ti)"

It's one of my favorite songs of the album and the one that opens it. It has a mid-tempo feeling but it's the perfect one to introduce you into the album spirit. The lyrics, mix the sensation of losing everything and fighting to get back on track, and the importance of the real love for knowing were your place is.

"Las Palabras"

This one I know that is going to be a very important song for the shows. I can imagine the band and the audience getting crazy with the energy of the rhythm and the guitars and sequences. Here I am rethinking the power of words, how they can heal or hurt. And how many times we prefer to use them to find places of disagreement, instead of trying to understand each other. 

"Los Términos de mi Rendición" 

My absolute favorite of this album. It's the last one in the running order and I think is the perfect good-bye. In a couple of interviews, they asked me if this one was a farewell from touring or recording. It is not. But I agreed that could be the perfect one to put an end to my career. The lyrics are a mix of disappointment, hope and indifference.

"Como un Millón de Dólares" 

This one is the next video, that it is coming in June. I love the song and the video. We filmed it during the quarantine in a church in LA. The song is about that kind of person that comes to Los Angeles trying to find a way for his/her art and easily confuses the appearances with the real vocation. It's the world as it looks like on Instagram, but definitely not the real thing.


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