Sech Spotlights His Unique Panamanian Flow in New Album '1 of 1': 'This Is a Beautiful Project'

Mary Beth Koeth

Sech photographed on Oct. 2, 2019 in Miami.

Hunkered down in Panama, where he’s been in quarantine after postponing his Sueños tour in Los Angeles, New York and Las Vegas, Sech presents his sophomore studio album, 1 of 1, under Rich Music.

“This is a baby of mine that I have been creating little by little. It’s a beautiful project,” Sech tells Billboard. “The album’s title represents that I’m unique and that there’s no one like me in this genre. Everyone is unique. This album too.”

Home to 21 new songs -- including his already-released singles “Si Te Vas,” “Casino,” “Trofeo,” and “Fe,” “Panama City,” and “Goteras” -- 1 of 1 counts with a wave of collaborations with artists such as Arcangel, Farruko, and Ozuna, to name a few. “The songs speak to you and you already know who belongs on the track” Sech says.

Dubbing his 10 collabs as “brutales,” Sech dropped the album with lead single “Confia,” his second collaborative effort with reggaeton icon Daddy Yankee. “I’ve always dreamt of working with Daddy Yankee, and here we are with our second song. This song is very special to me because it tells a very nice love story,” he says.

Staying true to his authentic sound, Sech also pays homage to his Panamanian roots by teaming up with his compatriot and renowned artist Nando Boom in “Se Va Viral,” tapping into the 1990’s “Dem Bow” with fusions of reggaé en Español and dancehall.

“I’ve known Nando for many years already, I even call him my uncle,” he laughs. “When I told him I had a song that I wanted him to be on, he sent me 15 different verses. I’m very happy he dedicated time to this. He’s very happy with everything that’s happening in my career and always reminds me to keep grounded.”

Courtesy Photo
Sech, "1 Of 1"

Ever since stepping into the spotlight, Sech has not shied away from sharing his success story, which derives from his humble beginnings in the Central American country. He penned his life story in “Siempre,” the last track added to the album and which was born during the coronavirus quarantine.

“This is a very personal song because I share things about my life that nobody knows about,” he says. “Before music, I worked in construction, I sold smoothies, and I faced many problems in the street. Despite everything, I took the correct path. This was the perfect time to tell my story.”

1 of 1 follows debut album Sueños, which peaked at No. 3 on the Top Latin Albums chart dated August 3, 2019, and marked his first-ever chart entry. It also earned him one of three Latin Grammy nominations, including best urban album. “'Sueños' will forever be a special part of me. I felt a big responsibility to continue killing the game and create music that people like,” he says.

Keeping his promise, Sech continues marking his territory in the music industry with 1 of 1.

Stream and listen to the album below.