Quarantine & Creativity: 11 Homemade Latin Music Videos To Watch

Gusi, "Una Invitación"
Courtesy Photo

Gusi, "Una Invitación"

The quarantine and social distancing caused by the pandemic has taken a heavy toll on people globally. Many have lost their jobs, students are having virtual graduations and music artists have put their plans on hold. The world had no choice but to adapt to the new normal in a matter of days.

Although concerts and festival season have been canceled or rescheduled, many artists have found different ways to keep blessing their fans with new music and live shows, even if it’s virtually.

Artists are even taking matters into their own hands and making homemade music videos during the quarantine. Because one thing’s certain: music and creativity are not canceled.

From Ricky Martin to Manu Manzo, check out 11 creative music videos that were done at home below:

Ricky Martin, Farruko - “Tiburones (Remix)”

Ricky Martin was not going to let quarantine rain on his parade when it came to filming a music video for the remix of "Tiburones" with Farruko. "Yes, we had to shoot the #TiburonesRemixVideo at home while in full lockdown. @farrukoofficial shot his scenes in #PuertoRico, I shot in Los Angeles and our director @elasticpeople in Miami," Martin said of the black-and-white clip. Promoting peace, love, and acceptance, "Tiburones" was inspired by the protests over Gov. Ricardo Rossello that sparked in Puerto Rico in 2019. The original song dropped in January.

Gusi - “Una Invitacion”

As the opening track of his new studio album Desde Mi Ventana, Gusi presents the adorable music video for "Una Invitación." The feel-good vallenato song shows the Venezuelan-born artist living his best life with his children and wife. “I wanted to show how I spend time with my daughters and my wife and how I have reconnected with many things that I was missing due to tours and musical plans," he said in an official statement. "I am very happy to be able to leave a memory for them, and more if it is of this situation that we are facing."

Ulices Chaidez - “Que Bonito”

Keeping safe at home during the global health crisis, Regional Mexican artist Ulices Chaidez dropped a homemade video for his single "Que Bonito," a heartfelt song about unconditional love. “We recorded the video in my house, we wanted to take all the precautions," Chaidez said. "We did all the production of the video at home and we tried to do the best we could. We think we did a nice job because we did it with much love from home."


Making the rounds with his new album FERXXO VOL 1: M.O.R, Feid presents the music video for closing track "AVXNTADXR." The music video gives fans an intimate look at Feid's upbringing in Colombia, showing nostalgic VHS videos of his childhood and adolescence mixed with self-shot clips filmed at a rooftop parking garage in Miami. The rare clips were compiled by Feid's aunt and the homemade video was edited by his cousin Sebastian Sanchez.

Josep El De La Urba - “Trampa”

Rising artist Joseph el de la Urba does not have the blues during the quarantine. In fact, with his deep vocals and chill trap melodies, the Puerto Rican artist is setting the record straight in his new single "Trampa" produced by Lil Geniuz. "It's not the same, I'm sorry, goodbye / you failed but I'm not going to fall in the trap / now, I'm someone better," he assures in the lyrics. For the music video, Joseph opted to show fans how he's living his single life, recording himself at the studio and skateboarding around his neighborhood.

Piso 21 - “Tomar Distancia”

Piso 21's "Tomar Distancia" is a calming pop ballad in which the acoustic guitar and electric drum melodies bring peace to many fans amid these stressful days. "We wanted to create a tranquil sound with nostalgic lyrics. We have all felt heartbreak at some point in our lives. Many people in these days of social distancing are missing that love or that person that got away." The production, written by the group --  Juan Pablo Vega, Nabález and Raquel Sofía -- was born during the global health crisis, which includes a homemade video of each member spending quarantine at home.

Karol G, Anuel AA - “Follow”

In the middle of quarantine life, Karol G dropped “Follow” in collaboration with her boyfriend Anuel AA. Produced by Ovy on the Drums, the song is a fusion of old-school reggae roots and sensual urban melodies about two people who like each other but are playing hard to get. Although the lyrics are not related to the current health crisis, the homemade music video highlights how the urban couple is spending their time at home during the pandemic

Corina Smith - “A Veces”

In the homemade music video for "A Veces," Venezuelan pop artist Corina Smith gives fans an organic tour around her Miami-based home. In the clip, Smith is seen flaunting various outfits as she sings the heartbreak song in her living room, kitchen, bedroom, and balcony. The music video was directed by Jose Saramago and Filmheads.

Manu Manzo - “Solo Amigos”

Quarantine who? Manu Manzo continues working hard despite the current health crisis. In her recently-released song "Solo Amigos," the Venezuelan artist puts on blast all of those people who want to only be "friends with benefits." The neo-soul track with 90s R&B-tinged melodies is accompanied by a made-at-home video that shows Manu in various intimate scenes with her love interest.

C.Tangana - "Nunca Estoy"

Written from the woman’s point of view and produced by Alizzz and NINETEEN 85, C. Tangana's “Nunca Estoy” makes reference to some of Spain’s finest such as Rosario’s “Como quieres que te quiera” and Alejandro Sanz’s “Corazon Partio.”The track is accompanied by a 90s-inspired home video, directed by Javier Ruiz, showing a mashup of personal videos filmed during the artist’s quarantine in Mexico, back home in Madrid and life on the road.

Nibal, Justin Quiles, Danny Ocean & Feid - “Cuando Amanezca”

Quarantine and social distancing have become the perfect excuse to discover new music and artists. Nibal is one who got on our radar with his silky urban love song "Cuando Amanezca" featuring Justin Quiles, Danny Ocean and Feid. Born in the midst of quarantine, Nibal teamed up with the three Latin artists to drop a homemade music video, where all four are seen singing the song in a video call.