C. Tangana’s Nostalgic Quarantine Playlist Includes Kanye West, PartyNextDoor, J Balvin & More

C. Tangana
Courtesy of Imagine It Media

C. Tangana

C. Tangana (real name: Antón Álvarez Alfaro) is using his quarantine time to reflect and write new music.

The Spanish rapper, who dropped his new single “Nunca Estoy” today (April 24), has curated a playlist for Billboard with a mix of hip-hop, R&B, Latin urban, and Brazilian funk tunes that are helping him get by in these trying times.

“I am used to living away from the people I love,” he tells Billboard. “I am always traveling, it is normal in the life of an artist. Suddenly this virus has put us all in that situation. I have put together some music that seems sensible to me with what is happening to us and I have written some new things these days. The first one is this single,” he adds.

C. Tangana’s playlist kicks off with his track “Nunca Estoy,” a nearly three-minute song about the challenges of a love that’s already broken. “How do you expect me to love you, if you’re not here?” C. Tangana croons. Written from the woman’s point of view and produced by Alizzz and NINETEEN 85, “Nunca Estoy” makes reference to some of Spain’s finest such as Rosario’s “Como quieres que te quiera” and Alejandro Sanz’s “Corazon Partio.”

The track is accompanied by a 90s-inspired home video, directed by Javier Ruiz, showing a mashup of personal videos filmed during the artist’s quarantine in Mexico, back home in Madrid and life on the road.

Check out C.Tangana’s quarantine playlist below, including tunes by PARTYNEXTDOOR, MC Kevinho, Kanye West, Drake, Rosalia, J Balvin and more.