Rosalia Shares New Details on Billie Eilish Collaboration: ‘It’s Getting Quite Close’

Rosalia is spending her quarantine in Miami, keeping safe while her family is doing the same in Barcelona.

“As a musician, I feel like we spend a lot of time isolated studying music or producing or recording,” she told Apple Music’s Zane Lowe on Tuesday (April 14). “We do it a lot, but at the same time, I miss being on stage. I miss being in the street talking to my friends.”

On March 24, in the midst of the global coronavirus pandemic, the award-winning Spanish artist released her single “Dolerme,” an urban-infused alternative rock song about changing for someone who’s not worth it. She expressed to Lowe that the song was born during her first two weeks of being in quarantine and with the help of Canadian producer Frank Dukes.

She also revealed that she initially had the plan to release a “super aggressive” club song with Travis Scott which they’ve been working on for a long time but that the release date is currently to be determined. “I think, that is so specific for a certain moment, that I didn't feel like it was right to release, and I didn't feel like it was connected with what was going on in the world at that moment,” she expressed.

Rosalia also revealed details of her highly-anticipated collaboration with Billie Eilish, hinting that it’s right around the corner.

“I have this little studio, this little setup that I did here in one room,” she noted. “I have the basics like just the midi keyboard, the computer, just with the mic, and I do my basics and try to do all the vocal production for the next record. I'm working on that on the next record. And I'm trying to finish. During these two last weeks, I have been trying to finish the Billie Eilish collab. I think it's getting quite close. I think that the arrangements, I think that yesterday I finished the arrangements. I feel like the production, the sound design is almost done, so I just need Billie to send the vocals and they send me the ideas that they want to add because we are there.”

In addition, the “Con Altura” singer opened up about her admiration for Frank Ocean, Kanye West and ‘pop music.

Look out for clips from Rosalia's interview soon.