Gloria Trevi Opens Up About Quarantine Life Lessons, Bullying & More in Billboard Live Q&A

Gloria Trevi is having a good time at home, but she’s concerned about humanity during these trying times. “I feel stressed and worried for the people because there’s so much misinformation out there,” she told Billboard’s Leila Cobo during an Instagram Live Q&A on Thursday (April 2).

“I’m a person about solutions, not problems. This is about waiting and being patient,” Trevi added of the current global health crisis due to the novel coronavirus. “Life has given us time to pause,” she said, admitting that she’s been spending time with her children and three dogs during the quarantine.

During the live interview, the Mexican singer also opened up about her recent single “Grande” in collaboration with Monica Naranjo. Although many fans have dubbed it the ultimate ‘90s Latin pop collab, Trevi admitted it’s a very biographical song born out of her personal experiences.

She also talked about her son Miguel Armando, who was bullied in school. “They bullied my son a lot and the principal was not firm enough. My son had good conduct yet they wanted to suspend him,” Trevi recalled with teary eyes. “My husband had to file a complaint with the cops.”

For Trevi, staying at home comes with great life lessons and opportunities: “It is a more beautiful reflection. Hopefully, everyone is becoming aware of this and keeping the world cleaner.” She added: “After this, we will be better people. This quarantine should make us think and not be selfish.”

Before signing off, Trevi announced a dance contest on her YouTube page, giving the opportunity to four fans to form part of her “Trevi Dancers” during the last show of her Diosa de la Noche Tour. As of now, there is no set date. “In a crisis, there’s an opportunity,” she concludes.

Watch the full interview above.

For more information about COVID-19 visit the WHO or CDC websites.