Vallenato, Family & Kazoos: Watch Carlos Vives’ Acoustic At-Home Concert

Carlos Vives
Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images

Carlos Vives is seen on the set of "Un Nuevo Dia" at Telemundo Center to promote the second season of "La Voz" on Jan. 17, 2020 in Miami.

Many artists have canceled or postponed their shows but have opted for at-home virtual concerts in the wake of the global coronavirus pandemic, and virtual concerts have become the new norm.

Carlos Vives was the latest musician to broadcast a one-hour acoustic performance on his YouTube channel Sunday (March 29).

Vives kicked off his “No Te Vayas De Tu Casa” (Don’t Leave Your House) show at 5 p.m. ET accompanied by his two youngest children, Elena and Pedro. With a mic, an acoustic guitar, and different percussion instruments, the Colombian singer shared some fun anecdotes and performed some of his timeless vallenato hits and new songs. Throughout the gig, he also flaunted his kazoo-playing skills.

“We’re beginning with the classics,” he says after performing “La Gota Fria.” Vives talked about the roots of vallenatos de la provincia and how he revolutionized the genre. “Fused with the rock of my country, we were able to rescue the sounds found in the oldies that our parents would listen to. It was a challenge to find the formula to make new songs out of the old rhythms,” he said, elaborating that the first song he recorded was “La Tierra del Olvido.”

“This is an anthem for our country,” he said. “Cumbia and vallenato can make people reconnect and unite.”

Vives then performed hits such as “La Bicicleta,” “La Cartera,” “Dejame Entrar,” “Robarte Un Beso,” “El Mejoral,” and “Quiero Verte Sonreir,” which he dedicated to his fans in Spain and Italy. “I want to see you smile,” he said, encouraging the European communities which have seen alarming death tolls amid the global health crisis.

One of the highlights of the intimate concert was Vives’ son and daughter, who accompanied their father as his band. Elena was his background singer with her sweet voice and Pedro was the perfect percussionist, playing the maracas and xylophone. His wife, Claudia Elena Vasquez, was behind the scenes, taking control of the YouTube live and reading out the comments.

“It’s important to be united and together with your family,” Vives said about quarantine. “I’m happy cleaning the plates and sweeping. I’m happy to be able to spend time at home.”

Before signing off, Vives also announced a collaboration with Panamanian artist Ruben Blades titled “No Estás Solo” (You’re Not Alone) is coming soon. “It’s a song for people who are sick that we recorded in New York in September 2019,” he said before singing a snippet.

At around 6:10 p.m. ET, Vives and his family performed his latest single “No Te Vayas,” telling their over 50,000 connected fans to open their windows and sing the song to their neighbors. “Our music is for everyone, people of all ages. Thank you for your time,” he said.

See the complete livestream below:

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