Thalia Urges Mexicans to Stay Home Despite President López Obrador's 'Life as Usual' Orders

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Thalia on stage during Univision's Premio Lo Nuestro 2020 at AmericanAirlines Arena on Feb. 20, 2020 in Miami.

Thalia is outraged by the orders given by Mexico’s President, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, amid the global coronavirus pandemic.

“We’re going to keep living life as usual,” López Obrador said in a video message on Sunday (March 22). “I’ll tell you when not to go out any longer,” he added, explaining that COVID-19 is only its first phase in the country. “If you’re able and have the means to do so, continue taking your family out to eat … because that strengthens the economy.”

Thalia, who emphasized that she’s not one to get involved with politics, shared a nearly two-minute-long video on Instagram, pleading with the Mexican population to stay home.

“What is mentioned in a part of this video is not right! Stay in your house,” she said. “We all understand that our heroes, medical professionals (doctors, nurses, pharmacists, etc.) who are dealing closely with this day by day and others with essential jobs, indispensable in this situation, have to leave their homes. But we who are not health professionals have to be considerate of them, be responsible and isolate ourselves as much as possible.”

On Monday (March 23), Mexico had 367 confirmed cases of coronavirus in the country with a total of four deaths, deputy health secretary Hugo Lopez-Gatell said, according to Reuters.

Watch Thalia's video message below.


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Luego de ver ese video que contradice todo lo que estamos haciendo alrededor del mundo sentí que tenía que dejarles este mensaje. ¡Lo que se menciona en una parte de este video no está bien! #QUEDATEENTUCASA Todos entendemos que nuestros héroes, los profesionales de la medicina (doctores, enfermeros/as, farmaceúticos, etc) que están lidiando de cerca con esto día a día y otras personas con trabajos esenciales, indispensables en esta situación, tienen que salir de sus casas. Pero, nosotros los que no somos profesionales de la salud tenemos que ser considerados con ellos y responsables y aislarnos lo más posible. Siempre me he mantenido al margen de la política, pero esto rebasa el sentido común en estos momentos tan cruciales para mi amado país. . . . #coronavirus #Covid19 #Mexico #CoronaVirusMexico #Covid19Mexico #NoSalgasdeTuCasa #MexicoSaludable #QuedateEnCasa

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