Universal Music Launches Home Livestream Series From Argentina

Guido Adler


#Musicaencasa is live every day at 3 p.m. EST

Literally at the tail end of the continent, Argentina may have shut down its borders but not its music.

Since last week, Universal Music Argentina and GTS, its management and live concert division launched an initiative called #Musicaencasa (MusicInYourHouse). Every day at 4 p.m. Argentina time (3 p.m. EST) one of its acts does a livestream on Instagram, Facebook or Youtube, during which they chat fans and perform or play music. During the session, they promote the artist or artists slated for the next day.

"What's interesting is, two of our divisions got together to do this, and the artists are all cross promoting each other," Luis Estrada, the newly appointed president of Universal Music Southern Cone.

The roster is eclectic, and many of the artists are rising acts, little known outside Argentina. Which makes the mutual support all the more important. On Wednesday, #Musicaentucasa came courtesy of Bambi, a singer/songwriter who does beautiful pop songs with a rock edge.

Today (Thursday), it will be rapper EnSecreto, while tomorrow will see a performance by pop/alt singer/songwriter Daniela Spalla. On Saturday, Chilean artist and Latin Grammy nominee Cami will stream at 8 p.m., the only schedule change.

Pablo Montt

"It’s not a concert or a mega video production but an intimate moment that will be captured every day at the same time. The artist will be able to share whatever they feel at the moment,, from talking about the creative process, to freestyling, to showing a rehearsal to chatting with fans," says Estrada.

Universal acts from other countries are already beginning to join. They include Colombians Morat, who are based in Spain, and Spanish artist Antonio José.