Luis Estrada Appointed President of Universal Music Southern Cone

Luis Estrada
Courtesy Photo

Luis Estrada

Estrada will oversee the company's operations in Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and Bolivia.

Universal Music Latin America has appointed Luis Estrada president of Universal Music Southern Cone, overseeing the company's operations in Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and Bolivia.

Estrada had been the managing director of Aftercluv, Universal Music Latin Entertainment's dance division, since 2016. A Universal executive for almost two decades, Estrada had also served as General Manager of Universal Music Latino. He began his career as a member of the Mexican rock group Los Lagartos.

In making the announcement, Universal Music Latin America and Iberian Peninsula chairman and CEO Jesús López said in a statement, "I have known Luis since we signed him as an artist in Mexico in 1991 and I’ve always been impressed by his ability to grow, to face new challenges and to seek comprehensive training to understand all aspects of our business, from discovering new talent to developing new business and marketing models. I’m certain that his extensive experience in the markets of Mexico and the US will be of great value to focus on the challenge that awaits him in Buenos Aires, the artistic development of Southern Cone artists with international potential."

Estrada takes over responsibilities in the Southern Cone from Ana Clara Ortiz, who has stepped down from her role.

"The Southern Cone has always been one of the richest regions of the world in culture, arts and music," said via the announcement. "Today, it finds itself in the midst of exciting growth across mobile penetration, game-changing platforms, music consumption, new technologies and innovative business models, as well as a new generation of artists with global potential."

The Aftercluv dance platform will now be overseen by Alejandro Duque, managing director of Universal Music Latino, Machete & Capitol Latin.