Viva Friday Playlist: New Music by Elvis Crespo, Adriana Rios & More

Elvis Crespo
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Elvis Crespo, "Imaginarme Sin Ti"

Viva Friday is a compilation of the best new Latin songs, albums and videos recommended by the Billboard Latin editors.

De La Ghetto feat. Darell - “El Que Se Enamora Pierde” (Warner Music Latina)

De La Ghetto’s new single, in collaboration with Darell, was born at the perfect time and perfect place -- and it was also unplanned. The Puerto Rican singer presents “El Que Se Enamora Pierde,” a song that he says is “simple, short and spicy, and that everyone can relate to. “It’s about a couple who wants to be together, but they also want to party,” De La tells Billboard. “That’s what’s happening nowadays with the younger generations,” he says of people who are not in search of a serious relationship. “When you lose, that’s when you learn.” De La Ghetto’s sugary vocals perfectly mesh with Darell’s raspy voice over a “futuristic” reggaeton beat. The song, according to De La Geezy, was born at 4:30 a.m. in the studio. “This track was halfway done and he wanted to jump on it. He wasn’t supposed to be on this track,” he says. “We changed the chorus, the intro, we distorted the whole song until about 6 a.m. We were just having fun in the studio, it wasn’t planned out. That’s how the hits are made,” he said. In the music video, filmed by Daniel Duran at a mansion in Miami’s Coral Gable City, the two artists perform the song as scenes of De La and a model play an intense game of chess. “El Que Se Enamora Pierde” is part of De La Ghetto’s upcoming album Los Chulitos set to be released later this year. Watch it below. -- JESSICA ROIZ

Elvis Crespo & Manny Cruz - “Imaginarme Sin Ti” (Flash Music)

Elvis Crespo has dropped a new father-daughter anthem titled “Imaginarme Sin Ti” in collaboration with emerging Dominican artist Manny Cruz. The two Caribbean acts bring to life a feel-good merengue bop about a father who can’t imagine his life without his daughter. Throughout the heartfelt lyrics, the two artists use countless metaphors to describe what it feels like, such as “Freddy Mercury without Queen,” “bachata without Juan Luis Guerra,” “Ecuador without Guayaquil,” and even “Elvis Crespo without ‘Suavemente.’” In an official statement, Crespo assures that his new single will resonate with many dads in the world. Cruz, on the other hand, expressed how honored he is to be a part of this collaboration. “I have been admiring and dancing his songs since I have reason and now being on a track together to him it is a dream come true.” The music video, filmed by Bobby Viera in Miami, Fla, tells the loving story of a father who’s reminiscing on his daughter’s childhood on the day of her wedding day. Watch it below. -- JR

The Marias - "Hold It Together"

The very personal lyrics from “Hold It Together” came from a moment of anxiety and stress for the lead singer of the bilingual indie rock band. The result is an intimate-yet-relatable dream pop song, carried by the singer’s ethereal voice, about yearning to slow down and enjoy her significant other’s company. “At the time, the song was written, we were knee-deep in nonstop touring, and all we wanted to do was slow down, enjoy each other's company and have some time alone,” Maria said about the song. “As an introvert on tour and the only woman in a band, I was extremely anxious and stressed during this time. I think the song represents my inner turmoil.” The track was released along with a surreal video directed by Bethany Vargas. -- GRISELDA FLORES

Adriana Rios - “La Catedral”

Up-and-coming regional Mexican singer Adriana Rios released her mariachi and norteño-tinged song “La Catedral” that includes subtle urban beats as a result of working with Colombian producer Yohan Úsuga. Aside from having a catchy hook and beat, Rios’ lyrics offer a fresh and new take on heartbreak songs thanks to the fusion of cultures and sounds and her girl-power attitude. Featured in our Latin Artists to Watch in 2020 as an emerging voice in the regional Mexican genre, Rios recorded the song in Vicente Fernández’s studio in Guadalajara while the music video was shot in her native Tijuana. -- GF

Gerard Flores - "Esta Noche"

Hailing from Buenos Aires, Argentina, singer Gerard Flores takes us back to the late-'90s Latin pop with the release of his debut single “Esta Noche.” The song is a danceable track that catches you with it unique rhythms, which combines pop with EDM and a lyric that invites the listener to leave his or her problems aside to dance all night. Flores co-wrote “Esta Noche” with Swedish songwriter Aleena Gibson (Jason Derulo, Nick Carter, Chenoa, David Bisbal) and it was produced by Trevor Muzzy (Jennifer Lopez, Lady Gaga, Alejandro Sanz). “Being the victim of bullying as a kid, I experienced the isolation of being different, and it was music that shifted my mind-set from seeing my differences as a liability rather than a power,” Flores said in a press statement. -- SUZETTE FERNANDEZ