Prince Royce's 'Alter Ego' Explores Bachata, Kanye West's Sound & More: See His Essential Tracks

Prince Royce
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Prince Royce

In celebration of his 10-year music career, Latin star Prince Royce has released one of his biggest projects, Alter Ego, a double album that proves his versatility in music and represents his evolution through the years.

We already know the songs “Morir Solo," “Adicto” with Marc Anthony and “Cúrame” with Manuel Turizo, which gave us an early taste of what Royce was planning with his sixth studio album.

"Alter Ego is who Prince Royce really is,” the singer tells Billboard. “The idea was to have two sides: one called Genesis, which is the combination of all my bachata albums, and the other one Enigma, which is more urban.”

On Genesis, Royce included 12 songs influenced by his early days in music, with more mature concepts and lyrics, while on the 11 Enigma tracks, the Dominican-American artist takes risks by experimenting with more artistic, innovative, non-censored music. Overall, Ater Ego unites Royce’s musical tastes in one masterpiece that allows him to be a bachata/tropical singer and also showcase the R&B and urban sound he grew up listening to in New York.

Which are Alter Ego’s essential tracks? See Prince Royce's picks below.   

“Carita de Inocente”

I identify my early days in music with "Carita de Inocente" This bachata is very romantic and perfect to dance to.

“Me Robaste La Vida”

It is one of my favorite songs. A soft bachata inspired by Juan Luis Guerra’s music. I recorded it in the Dominican Republic.

“Luna Negra”

"Luna Negra" is an acoustic and beautiful song included under Enigma. It leaves aside a commercial song and showcases another side of the romanticism.

“Really Real”

It's a Spanglish song that reminds me of Kendrick Lamar and Kanye West at the production level. It has a unique choir. It doesn't sound like Prince Royce because I use a different voice record that literally nobody has heard me sing. It is the example of the Alter Ego.

“Yo Te Soñé”

It is an R&B Spanglish song. Latin artists have released a lot of trap in Spanish and I know that R&B in Spanish can grow more with love songs.

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