Prince Royce Reveals Album Cover, Release Date & More

Prince Royce
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Prince Royce

Geoffrey Royce Rojas, a.k.a. Prince Royce, has officially announced that his album Alter Ego will be released on February 7. The Dominican-American artist also revealed the art cover and its concept.

“I'm playing a little bit with a duo alter ego concept which is different,” Royce previously told Billboard about the album.  But, today (Jan. 21) he took to social media to announce that Alter Ego will be a double album with one side called Enigma – which is something with a hidden meaning or something difficult to understand or interpret -- and the other called Génesis, the origin or beginning of something.

Alter Ego will be Royce’s sixth studio album, launched before Royce heads out on a North American tour in March. So far, he has released a few songs including “Morir Solo," “Adicto” with Marc Anthony, and “Cúrame” with Manuel Turizo.  

See it all below.