Reggaeton Slang 101: Decoding the Lyrics in Latin Urban Music

Ozuna, Anuel AA, and Daddy Yankee
Alberto Rodriguez/Telemundo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Ozuna, Anuel AA, and Daddy Yankee perform at the Dolby Theatre on Oct. 17, 2019.

You play it full blast, you sing the lyrics at the top of your lungs, you even relate to the song but perhaps, there are times that you’re unsure of what you’re actually saying. It’s OK, you’re not alone. 

For all of the reggaeton and trap music lovers out there, Billboard has put together a list, decoding some of the popular slang used by Latin urban artists in their songs. From “al garete” to “corillo” to “tiraera,” check out the list below.


Slang meaning: In reggaeton lyrics, this phrase means going crazy as hell.

Lyric example: “Tamo a lo loco nos fuimos al garete” - “Al Garete” (Julio Voltio)


Slang meaning: Meaning “baby,” this term became popular in urban lyrics when Anuel AA gave his girlfriend Karol G this nickname on social media. 

Lyric example: “Bebecita, lo de nosotros es un secreto, que nadie se entere” - “Secreto” (Anuel AA, Karol G)


Slang meaning: This term is used to describe someone who is sexually aroused.

Lyric example: “Hoy te enseño cómo se perrea / Bien, bien, bien, bien bellacoso" - "Bellacoso" (Residente, Bad Bunny)


Slang meaning: Bicho is Spanish for “bug” but in reggaeton, the word is used to describe a man’s private part.


Slang meaning: Cangri represents a person who's the champion or the best.

Lyric example: “Un nuevo cangri / con un nuevo ranking” - “El Cangri” - (Daddy Yankee)


Slang meaning: Chavos is another term used for “money”

Lyric example: “Mejor háblame de chavos que esos si que uno se los disfruta” - “Mujeres y Chavos” (Ñejo)


Slang meaning: “Combi completa” is used to describe a person who has the “whole package.”

Lyric example: “Y es que yo quiero la combi completa, ¿qué?” - “En La Cama” (Nicky Jam)


Slang meaning: This term is used to reference your group of friends. In other words, your “crew,” your “squad.”

Lyric example: “Que Dios bendiga mi corillo (Mi corillo, mi corillo)” - “Que Dios Bendiga (Remix)” (Arcangel)


Slang meaning: It’s literal translation means “hard,” but in urban lyrics, “dura” is used to describe a woman who’s all that. 

Lyric example: “Que estás dura, mano arriba porque tú te ves bien” - “Dura” (Daddy Yankee)


Slang meaning: Someone who’s considered a show-off and acts pretentiously.

Lyric example: “Por eso le fronteo hasta aquel que critica lo ajeno” - “Naci Pa’ Ser Bueno” (Myke Towers)


Slang meaning: Zion & Lennox previously told Billboard that “guayo” is another word for “perrear,” which means dancing dirty.

Lyric example: “Guayo, guayo, guayo / Contigo me quedo, de aquí no me muevo” -  “Guayo” (Zion & Lennox)


Slang meaning: Someone who creates a fantasy of their life.

Lyric example: “Son muchos que dicen que ni a mí movie le van a poner stop” - “Liberace (Remix)” (Farruko)


Slang meaning: Simply put, “mera” is another way of saying “mira,” which means “to look.”

Lyric example: ¡Mera,?wo!?/ Yo no tengo?gripe, yo lo que tengo e'?to'” - “Mera Woo” (El Alfa)


Slang meaning: Perreo is the term used to describe the popular reggaeton dance style.

Lyric example: “Mujeres pa' la disco a perrear / Pero que él no se crea, puede jugar” - “Yo Quiero Bailar” (Ivy Queen)


Slang meaning: To ignore someone

Lyric example: “Yo siempre picheo, enrolo otra vez” - “Chambea” (Bad Bunny)


Slang meaning: This term means that someone got caught in action. 

Lyric example: “Y ahora a lo oscuro y sin disimulo / Olvidando las penas la pillé” - “Otro Trago” (Sech)


Slang meaning: Having a lot of swag

Lyric example: “Pero es que tú chica, con ese piquete” - “Me Niego” (Reik, Ozuna)


Slang meaning: This term describes when there are two artists in a lyrical battle.

Lyric example: “Mi forma de tiraera, chequea, que me los gano a mi manera” - “Mi Forma de Tiraera” (Vico C)