5 Things to Know About 'Reina de la Cancion' Winner Yennis Bencosme

Yennis Bencosme
Courtesy of Univision

Yennis Bencosme on Reina de la Canción.

Two years ago, Yennis Bencosme was an aspiring artist who moved from Cuba to Miami with her family in search of bigger opportunities. Fast-forward to Sunday night, Bencosme walked away as the winner of Univision’s Reina de la Canción, bagging many prizes, including $50,000 and an exclusive contract with Sony Music Latin.

“My family loves music,” Bencosme tells Billboard of how her passion for music began. “They all love to sing and dance, but I got my talent from my great-grandmother. She has a beautiful voice.” 

Bencosme, 20, feels that even though she’s the new “queen of the song,” she has a world ahead of her to continue growing in the music industry. 

“I’d love to be the complete show woman. I want people to pay to go watch me in concert,” she says. “For that, I need to prepare myself, take dancing classes, vocal classes and perfect my English. I want to improve myself because I have a life in front of me to grow. Many good things are coming,” she promises.

For Yennis, two of her biggest inspirations include the show’s very own judges Olga Tañon and Natti Natasha. “I always wanted to be like Olga. I’ve been a fan of her since I was little, and now that I know her personally, I love her even more. She’s fun, she’s real, and I want to be like that forever,” she says. “I identify with Natti because she had to fight a lot for her dream and to be where she is today. She did that with her talent and the right attitude, and that’s key,” she adds.

The all-female reality singing competition, executive produced by Daddy Yankee, included Joss Favela as the third judge, Alejandra Espinoza as host, Pedro Capó as co-host and artistic director and Sergio George as musical director.

Check out five fun facts about Yennis Bencosme below.

1. She loves to eat. “You have to hide the food from me. I’m skinny, but I eat like no one else in the world. I love food!”

2. She’s afraid of heights. “I’ve overcome them a bit, but I hate heights.”

3. She doesn’t know how to swim. “It’s so essential, because if I’m drowning, who’s going to save me?”

4. She always looks serious. “I’m fun and I love to have a good time, but I always look serious when people are talking to me. I think I get it from my mom.”

5. She loves to party. “I’ve always loved dancing. You’re never, ever, ever going to see me sitting down at a party.”